Leadership in Network Marketing and Lifewave's Technology

CEO David Schmidt discusses the importance of leadership in network marketing and Lifewave's technology and products.

00:00:04 CEO David Schmidt discusses the importance of leadership in network marketing and the sacrifices leaders make. He also shares his background in invention and his journey with Lifewave.

👥 Onyx Cole and Steve and Gina Merritt are incredible leaders who have played a significant role in the growth of LifeWave.

Being a leader requires immense sacrifice, hard work, and the ability to believe in something when others don't.

David Schmidt, the CEO of LifeWave, shares his personal journey of becoming an inventor and his passion for technology and healthcare.

00:09:08 CEO David Schmidt started Lifewave to bring safe, effective, and scientifically backed technology to the world. Initially intended for the Navy, he pivoted to the civilian market and started a network marketing company. Lifewave's success is attributed to its network of leaders and brand partners.

Lifewave provides patented technology that is safe, effective, and backed by science.

CEO David Schmidt started Lifewave with the goal of being an inventor but was inspired by the impact of network marketing.

The decision to sell the patches as a network marketing company was driven by the belief in the technology and the need for people to understand its potential.

00:18:12 CEO David Schmidt discusses the history and benefits of light therapy, and how Lifewave X39 patches provide low levels of light stimulation to the body. The patches use hypoallergenic adhesive and can be applied to different areas of the body for systemic effects.

💡 Light therapy has been used for thousands of years to treat different health disorders.

🌈 By stimulating the body with low levels of light using a patch, systemic effects can be achieved.

💡 The adhesive used in the patch is hypoallergenic and manufactured by 3M.

00:27:16 The CEO discusses the benefits of different patches for pain relief and sore throat. X39 patch improves metabolism and memory within the first week.

🔑 Applying a set of patches on the lower and upper torso works remarkably well at relieving chronic pain throughout the body.

💡 Using multiple glutathione patches can significantly diminish a sore throat within minutes.

📚 A clinical study showed that x-39 improves metabolism, enhances memory within the first seven days, and reduces blood pressure.

00:36:18 CEO David Schmidt discusses the benefits of x39, a copper peptide, including improved cardiovascular health, heart rate variability, sleep quality, vitality, memory, and amino acid utilization. He also mentions potential anti-aging effects and protection against UV radiation.

💡 The X39 patch is safe for cardiovascular health and does not lower blood pressure.

💤 Using the X39 patch can lead to improved sleep quality and help with insomnia.

X39 has anti-aging effects by improving energy production and reversing age-related declines.

❤️ X39 has systemic effects, improving memory, heart rate variability, and amino acid utilization.

🔬 Copper peptide, the main component of X39, resets genes to a more youthful state and has potential anti-anxiety and DNA repair effects.

🌞 X39 may provide protection from sunburn and has potential antiviral properties.

00:45:25 This video discusses the benefits of copper peptide in skin regeneration and stem cell activity. It also explores the potential of elevating copper peptide levels for cardiovascular health. The CEO shares the results of a pilot study on their product X39 and mentions the possibility of its protection against 5G radiation.

💡 Copper peptide has multiple benefits in skin regeneration and wound healing.

🔬 Copper peptide acts as a gene modulator and activates stem cell proliferation.

🌱 Elevating copper peptide levels can repair damaged systems in the body.

00:54:29 CEO David Schmidt discusses the risks of microwave energy from cell phones and 5G and how copper can reduce the impact. The X39 patch may also have benefits against 5G. Lifewave's manufacturing facilities in Ireland can support over a billion dollars in sales.

Microwave energy from cell phones and 5G can damage healthy tissue, but copper supplements and peptides can reduce the impact of radiation.

The X39 and X49 patches have shown promise in reducing the impact of 5G radiation, but legal issues prevent making claims.

The Lifewave company has a fully automated factory in Ireland that can support over a billion dollars a year in sales.

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