3 Powerful Hacks and Strategies for SMS Marketing

Learn the top 3 hacks and strategies for SMS marketing and discover its power to turn businesses around.

00:00:00 Learn SMS marketing strategies and hacks from an expert who has worked with over 350 brands and generated over $75 million in retention marketing. Discover the power of SMS and its potential to turn businesses around.

💡 SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can significantly impact a business.

📲 A real-world example of the effectiveness of SMS marketing is the case of Gary Vaynerchuk, who used it to revive a declining business.

🔑 SMS marketing has been proven to outperform email marketing in terms of engagement and conversion rates.

00:05:07 Learn the top 3 hacks and strategies for SMS marketing in a concise and engaging video.

⚡️ SMS marketing requires a sense of urgency and the understanding that time is valuable.

💰 The speaker took a risk and attended a webinar by a well-known marketer, which inspired him to pursue email marketing.

📧 He began learning and implementing email marketing strategies, eventually getting a job offer to help run a growing business in the field.

00:09:55 Learn the top 3 SMS marketing hacks and strategies for success, including the importance of compliance and getting explicit consent from users.

SMS marketing is a lucrative channel that requires compliance with explicit consent from users.

Compliance includes having a separate checkbox for SMS consent and ensuring it is unchecked by default.

Collecting email subscribers first and offering an upgrade to the discount code can improve conversion rates.

00:15:02 Discover the power of SMS marketing with top hacks and strategies. Reach billions of mobile users and increase engagement with pre-populated text messages and personalized offers.

📱 SMS marketing is powerful, with 98% of text messages being read by the end of the day and 5.8 billion devices worldwide.

💥 Providing a juicy offer via SMS can easily attract subscribers who can be added to your list and receive instant details.

🔒 Using a pop-up tool like Optima or Adorik with granular capabilities can effectively capture the least engaged visitors for maximum conversion.

00:20:10 Learn top 3 hacks and strategies for SMS marketing, including using QR codes and Instagram highlights to grow your subscriber base. Avoid looking spammy by reducing frequency and providing valuable content.

Utilize SMS marketing by turning email subscribers into SMS subscribers, which can dramatically increase engagement.

Use QR codes on packaging or welcome slips to offer exclusive discounts and encourage customers to join the SMS subscriber club.

Create Instagram stories and highlights with pre-populated messages to direct traffic to the SMS club and organically grow the SMS list.

00:25:19 Learn top 3 SMS marketing strategies, including shipping notifications, asking for reviews, and behavior-based automations. Discover the future of SMS marketing with post-purchase upsells.

📲 SMS marketing allows businesses to reach out to customers through text messages, utilizing automation based on customer behavior and journey.

🔒 List hygiene in SMS marketing is important, but customers tend to opt out on their own if they are not interested, making the cleaning process easier.

🚀 The future of SMS marketing includes features like automated upsells based on previous purchases and increased personalization for better customer experience.

00:30:26 Learn top 3 hacks and strategies for SMS marketing. Boost profit margins with email and SMS campaigns. Find out more and get in touch on Facebook or the agency website.

SMS marketing has the potential to become a payment platform, allowing customers to make purchases through conversations.

Frictionless e-commerce, including Instagram shopping, is a huge sales channel.

Retention marketing, such as email and SMS, can boost profit margins and provide valuable customer data.

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