Exploring Spiritual Messages and Ancient Secrets in 'The Thiaoouba Prophecy'

Samuel Chong discusses spiritual messages, ancient civilizations, and secrets in 'The Thiaoouba Prophecy', exploring topics such as reincarnation, love, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and the Bermuda Triangle.

00:00:04 A man is taken to a beautiful planet by advanced E.T.s and learns about the mysteries of Earth and the purpose of life. He is chosen to bring messages and warnings to humanity, urging a focus on spiritual development over materialistic pursuits.

📚 The Thiaoouba Prophecy is a book written by Michel Desmarquet about his abduction and experiences on a highly advanced planet called Theuba.

👽 Desmarquet was taken to Theuba by compassionate and loving extraterrestrial beings who taught him about the mysteries and paranormal phenomena on Earth.

💫 The planet Theuba is described as a paradise with vibrant colors, beautiful trees, and advanced technologies like levitation and telepathy. The beings emphasize the importance of spiritual development over materialistic pursuits.

00:05:13 Summary: Samuel Chong discusses the spiritual messages in the book 'The Thiaoouba Prophecy', including the concepts of reincarnation and love. He also mentions the secrets of the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Bermuda Triangle. No sponsorships or brand names mentioned.

📚 The book 'The Thiaoouba Prophecy' emphasizes the importance of spiritual growth and reincarnation.

🔺 The Great Pyramid of Egypt was built using advanced technologies and served as a means of communication with extraterrestrial beings.

🌟 The Bermuda Triangle is a portal to a parallel universe, explaining mysterious disappearances and the suspension of time.

🌍 The ancient civilization of Lemuria migrated to Earth and established a highly spiritual civilization.

00:10:23 The video discusses ancient civilizations, including a compassionate society without money and advanced technologies. It also mentions the origins of Chinese and Black people, the potential danger of the moon crashing into Earth, and the presence of extraterrestrial beings observing us.

🔑 There was a highly advanced civilization in Egypt that lived without money and had advanced technologies.

🌍 The Chinese and black people came from a different planet called Bakratini and established colonies on Earth.

🌒 Contrary to popular belief, the moon is actually moving closer to Earth and might crash into it in 200,000 years.

👽 Aliens known as the Grace came to Earth to observe us and implanted devices on some individuals for tracking purposes.

💡 A friend had a positive experience with the Grace, where they healed her ankle using yellow light in exchange for observation.

00:15:34 Unveiling the secrets of Jesus and Christ, this video explores the Thiaoouba Prophecy and its connection to ET technologies. Discover the truth behind miracles, reincarnation, and the Star of Bethlehem.

👽 Learning E.T. technologies from the beings on Category 9 Planet is more beneficial than learning from the Greeks on Category 1 Planet.

📘 The book 'Thiaoouba Prophecy' connects doubts about Jesus, Christ, and Moses, explaining their roles and miracles.

🏯 Jesus traveled to Japan, where there is a tomb in Shingo Village, and Christ is an E.T. being who entered a body resembling Jesus.

00:20:42 Ancient Chinese records document the birth and crucifixion of Jesus, aligning with accounts in the Thiaoouba Prophecy. The Theobans intervened in WWII to prevent Germany from developing the atomic bomb. The book theory suggests using colors for health benefits.

Ancient Chinese records accurately document the birth and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Thiaoouba Prophecy suggests that Jesus was a perfect being and his crucifixion was foreseen.

The Thiaoouba Intervention is claimed to have influenced events such as preventing Germany from developing an atomic bomb in World War II.

Applying ET Technologies, color therapy is suggested as a way to improve health and well-being.

00:25:53 Ancient color therapy, ultrasonic cutting, antimatter guns, and the failed Project Westford. Are there hidden alien bases on the dark side of the moon?

💪 Colors can stimulate certain points on the human body, leading to the development of color therapy clothing.

🗿 Ancient people on Lemuria used an ultrasonic laboratory system to cut huge stones precisely, creating statues like those on Easter Island.

🚀 Antimatter guns can be used to protect spacecraft from space dust and asteroids during deep space travel.

📡 Project Westford involved releasing copper needles into space to improve telecommunication systems, but was considered a failed project.

🌚 There are suspected alien bases on the dark side of the moon, built by the people from a remote planet for migration purposes.

00:31:03 The video discusses humanity's lack of spiritual evolution preventing us from exploring the universe and the presence of highly evolved extraterrestrial beings who would not extract our resources.

🌌 We are not spiritually evolved enough to explore the universe or interact with extraterrestrial beings.

👽 ETs have sufficient resources and are spiritually advanced to maintain peaceful relationships.

🚀 In the past, there were life forms on Mars but they gave up migrating to Earth due to scarce resources.

👻 Ghosts are formed by the remaining electrons of astral bodies and resemble the shape and memories of the person.

💀 After three days, electrons return to the higher self, explaining concepts like resurrection and burial practices.

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