Regulation as a Habit: Creating a Better Society

Regulating institutions for the common good and creating positive habits for a better society.

00:00:00 Making tools has been a fundamental aspect of human history, helping us overcome challenges and improve our lives.

🌍 We live in a fabulous world but face challenges in making it better.

🧰 Throughout history, humans have overcome challenges by creating and using tools.

πŸ’‘ Technology plays a crucial role in shaping our lives and solving problems.

00:01:34 Institutions shape our lives and have the power to do both good and bad. We must regulate and purpose them for the common good.

πŸ”§ Institutions and organizations are tools that have the power to do both good and bad.

πŸ“œ The United States and its founding documents like the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are designed tools that should contribute to the common good.

πŸ”₯ The power of our tools can be used for positive purposes like solving disease problems or negative purposes like creating destruction.

00:03:09 The speaker emphasizes the limitations of thinking about regulation as solely a law and highlights how politics hinder effective policy-making. He also discusses the disconnect between globalized technology and outdated legal frameworks.

Regulation shouldn't be limited to just laws and politics.

The design of our regulatory system does not always lead to productive outcomes.

Globalization has created challenges for traditional jurisdiction-based laws.

00:04:43 In his TEDx talk, Nate Garvis explores the concept of regulation as a habit, drawing parallels with table manners and religious traditions. He emphasizes the importance of creating positive habits for a better society.

🌍 There is no global regulatory framework around finances, but there are other forms of regulation in our world.

🀝 Regulation can be viewed as a habit, something we do instinctively, and can be seen as building habitats.

🎡 Personal influences like music and TV shows can shape our values and understanding of tolerance.

00:06:16 Changing culture and habits can have a powerful impact on creating positive change in society, from civil rights to environmental stewardship. Shifting our mindset towards green values is essential, complementing laws and regulations. Similar transformation is needed in healthcare.

✨ Building a culture and habits around laws is crucial for societal progress.

🌿 Integrating environmental stewardship into our culture is essential.

πŸ₯ Healthcare reform should focus on promoting health rather than just access to sick care.

00:07:52 A talk about healthcare reform and creating a culture of health and wellness, focusing on treating people holistically instead of just fixing them when they're sick.

πŸ₯ Healthcare reform should focus on preventing illness rather than just treating it.

🍎 We should incorporate healthy habits into our daily lives to improve overall well-being.

🌍 Creating positive cultures and environments is crucial for making the world a better place.

00:09:25 In order to create a better world, we need to use a variety of tools and integrate common good values into our everyday lives. By doing so, we can appreciate the beauty of the world and feel fortunate to be a part of it.

🏒 No business, government, church, mosque, synagogue, or non-profit does well in a bad neighborhood.

πŸ› οΈ We should view our world as a hammer in a sea of other tools, utilizing the abundant technology and institutional forms available to us.

🌍 By integrating common good values into everyday products and services, we can create a better world and appreciate the beauty of our existence.

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