The Game-Changing Music Production App that Connects Artists and Fosters Collaboration

Devaughn Holliday's Cyphr app revolutionizes the music industry by democratizing music production, connecting artists, and fostering collaboration.

00:00:00 Devaughn Holliday's Cipher app allows artists to record and release music directly from their phones, connecting them with producers and fellow artists. It aims to democratize the music industry and eliminate the need for expensive studio time.

📱 Cipher is an app that allows artists to record and release music directly from their smartphones, cutting out the need for expensive studio time.

🌍 The app also focuses on connecting artists with each other, allowing for collaborations and networking on a global scale.

🎵 Jamaicans have played a significant role in the history of hip-hop, and Cipher aims to shine a light on their ability to rap and produce music.

00:07:47 Devaughn Holliday's Cyphr app revolutionizes the music industry by using AI on the cloud to streamline music production and democratize record labels. The app facilitates collaborations between Jamaican and African artists and plans to expand with American artists and record labels.

Devaughn Holliday and his team started a music blog in high school, which led to the idea of creating an app for the music industry.

They faced challenges with developing the app and had to focus on events and cultural aspects instead.

The app, called Cipher, eventually launched and gained traction, particularly in Jamaica, through beta testing and contests.

00:15:36 Devaughn Holliday’s Cyphr app revolutionizes the music industry by helping labels discover talent on social media. The app is expanding with new features like messaging and mixing options.

🎵 The Cyphr app is a game changer for the music industry, allowing major record labels to find and develop talent from scratch, rather than relying on established social media followings.

💪 The app has been in development for almost a decade and has had a significant cultural impact, helping launch careers and making connections within the industry.

📱 Upcoming developments for the app include a full chat system, the ability to download videos made on the app, and improved mixing options for audio and beats.

00:23:23 Devaughn Holliday's Cyphr is revolutionizing the music industry with collaborative projects and a supportive community. Music videos, short films, and freelance production experience have led to exciting opportunities and growth. The journey from high school friends to co-founders is an inspiring tale.

🎵 Cypher Sunday is a music event in LA hosted by a musician called Wormhole.

🎥 They collaborated on creating a cinematic music video for two songs.

🎬 The speaker has experience working as a production assistant and assistant director on projects like Shark Tank and a film called The Stepmother Three.

00:31:08 Devaughn Holliday's Cyphr app, with its unique features and upcoming projects, is a game changer in the music industry. A Sunday Cypher event and collaborations with Nigerian artists are in the works.

Devaughn Holliday faced discrimination in Japan as a Korean and now he's worth billions of dollars.

🌟 Devaughn Holliday has a great team and they are actively developing the app, working on big projects with Nigerian artists.

🎶 Devaughn Holliday is organizing a big event in New York as part of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

00:38:57 Devaughn Holliday’s Cyphr app allows independent artists to create and share their music without the need for labels. The app provides a platform for collaboration and eliminates the costs and constraints of traditional studio recording.

💡 Devaughn Holliday's Cyphr is a game changer for the music industry, allowing artists to create and distribute their music independently.

🌍 Cyphr provides artists with opportunities to collaborate with people around the world and reach a global audience.

🎵 The app allows artists to perfect their music through multiple takes and choose the final recording that the audience sees.

00:46:44 Devaughn Holliday's Cyphr app is gaining international traction in the music industry, with plans to expand to Korea. The app provides a platform for collaboration and discovery of new talent. Exciting updates and fundraising efforts are also underway.

🌍 The Cyphr app is not limited to just the American market, as it aims to tap into the international talent and hunger for opportunities.

🎵 The success of K-pop collaborations and the distribution of songs on Korean streaming platforms has influenced the plan to have Cyphr in Korea.

🌐 Dojo Records plans to expand internationally by finding talent from different countries and exploring collaborations with artists from around the world.

💰 The company is raising money and has been in talks with venture capitalists, with the videos providing an opportunity for good publicity.

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