Disneyland in 2023: What to expect and how to make the most of your visit.

The essential guide to Disneyland in 2023: Discover new attractions, celebrations, and tips to maximize your visit.

00:00:00 The ULTIMATE Guide to Disneyland in 2023: Discover new attractions, experiences, and celebrations, including Mickey's runaway Railway, the 100th anniversary celebration, and the limited-event Princess Night.

🏰 Disneyland in 2023 will feature a transformed Mickey's Toontown, new attractions, and interactive experiences for families and young kids.

🎆 Disneyland's 100th anniversary celebration will include two new nighttime spectaculars, a parade, and a makeover for Sleeping Beauty Castle.

👸 Princess Night, a special event at Disneyland, will feature shimmering decor, themed food, princess meet-and-greets, and a concert with Moana and Merida.

00:08:53 Learn the latest updates for Disneyland in 2023, including ride closures, new attractions, and tips to avoid crowds. Get insider info on after dark events and nighttime spectaculars.

🏰 Tarzan's Treehouse at Disneyland park will be re-themed to pay tribute to the original Treehouse Walt Disney built.

🏨 Disneyland hotel is getting a new Disney Vacation Club Tower called The Villas at Disneyland hotel, which will open in 2023.

🎢 Several rides, including Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, and Grizzly River Run, will undergo refurbishments in early 2023.

🌉 Paradise Pier Hotel will be transformed into Pixar Place Hotel, featuring a new flagship restaurant and Finding Nemo Splash Pad.

🛍️ Downtown Disney shopping district will undergo updates, including new restaurants like Din Tai Fung and Porto's Bakery.

🏰 Disneyland and Disney World hotel rooms will soon be equipped with voice assistants, offering room amenities and guest services.

🎉 New experiences coming to Disneyland include Tiana's Bayou Adventure, a reimagined Pacific Wharf area, and an Avengers dark ride.

🎭 Tips to maximize your Disneyland visit include attending after dark events, using early theme park entry, and choosing the second showing of nighttime spectaculars.

00:18:17 Learn how to make the most of your Disneyland visit in 2023 with this ultimate guide. Discover virtual queues, dining packages, line-skipping tactics, and more!

🎢 To guarantee a good view of DCA's World of Color, join the show's virtual queue on the Disneyland app at noon daily.

🍽️ Dining packages are available for Fantasmic and World of Color, offering three-course meals and prime show viewing locations.

⏳ Skip lines by using single rider rides, buddy passes, and rider switch, and consider booking a Good Neighbor hotel to save money and stay close to Disneyland parks.

🛍️ Take advantage of merchandise pickup and late-night shopping to make the most of your visit.

🎭 Stay updated on the entertainment schedule for parades and nighttime spectaculars, as they may not happen daily.

00:27:41 A guide to Disneyland in 2023: Catching shows, using Genie Plus, and attending festivals. Is Genie Plus worth it? Is it necessary to buy Lightning Lanes? Tips for maximizing festival experiences and saving time at food booths.

Disneyland shows are not as consistent as Disney World, so it is important to check the event calendar to catch both Fantasmic and the new wondrous Journeys show during your visit.

Genie plus is a paid Fastpass-like service in Disneyland that helps you skip lines, but it may not be necessary if you don't think there are enough lightning lanes available for the extra cost.

Disney California Adventure hosts festivals throughout the year, such as the Lunar New Year, Food and Wine Festival, and Festival of Holidays. There are secrets like buying a sip and saver pass, attending early, and checking festival offerings outside the main hub.

00:37:06 Discover the best dining options for a fancy date night at Disneyland in 2023, including Blue Bayou, Carthay Circle, Napa Rose, Lamplight Lounge, Wine Country Trattoria, Plaza Inn, and Goofy's Kitchen.

🍽️ Disneyland offers a variety of dining options for a fancy date night, including Blue Bayou, Carthay Circle, Napa Rose, Lamplight Lounge, Wine Country Trattoria, Plaza Inn, and Goofy's Kitchen.

💫 Each restaurant has its own unique atmosphere, menu, and dining experience, ranging from New Orleans vibes to California culture to Pixar-inspired themes.

🥂 These restaurants offer a range of food and beverage options, including classic favorites like the Monte Cristo sandwich, Cajun and Creole inspired dishes, fine dining experiences, extensive wine menus, and character dining.

00:46:30 Discover the ultimate guide to Disneyland in 2023, including dining options at various restaurants and must-try seasonal treats. Avoid sponsorship mentions.

🍽️ Disneyland offers a variety of dining options, including Goofy's Kitchen, Storytellers Cafe, Plaza Inn, Jolly Holiday Bakery, French Market, Rancho Del Zocalo, Pim's Kitchen, Pacific Wharf Cafe, and seasonal treats.

🍔 Each restaurant has its specialties, such as the plaza and fried chicken at Plaza Inn, toasted cheese and tomato basil soup at Jolly Holiday Bakery, and Louisiana-style shrimp Po Boy at French Market.

🍫 Don't forget about the dessert options, like the raspberry Rose macaron and chocolate mousse brownie at Jolly Holiday Bakery, and the choco Smash Candy Bar at Pim's Kitchen.

00:55:54 The ultimate guide to Disneyland in 2023: Pro tips, shows, attractions, and basics. Includes information on lockers, Sleeping Beauty Castle, indoor/outdoor shows, attractions that close for World of Color, the Disney Animation building, and how to get into Batu.

🔑 Rent a locker at Disneyland to avoid carrying heavy items.

🏰 Explore the inside of Sleeping Beauty Castle to see dioramas of Princess Aurora's story.

🎭 Attend indoor shows to avoid long lines and enjoy air conditioning.

01:04:19 Discover the ultimate guide to Disneyland in 2023, including park pass reservations, perks, discounts, and purchasing options. Check our YouTube channel for more ultimate guides.

🔑 Magic keys offer park pass reservations, perks, and discounts.

💰 Only one person needs a magic key for the whole group to get discounts.

🛒 Magic keys can be purchased online at Disneyland's website or app.

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