Peace Process in Central America - ONUCA - 1991

The video discusses the peace process in Central America led by ONUCA in 1991, focusing on demilitarization discussions.

00:00:02 Intense negotiations led to the establishment of peace in Central America through the Esquipulas 2 agreements. The UN created ONUCA, a mission to verify the ceasefire and support the region's stability. Attention decreased after the demobilization of the contras in Nicaragua.

🕊️ After a decade of violence and conflict in Central America, a sense of hope for peace was restored through intense negotiations and the signing of the Esquipulas 2 agreements.

🙌🌍 Central American presidents established a ceasefire and requested the United Nations to create a mission, ONUCA, to verify the cessation of support to irregular forces.

🌎🔍 ONUCA, comprised of military personnel from 15 countries, including Argentina, played a significant role in bringing stability and peace to the region.

00:01:07 The presence of ONUCA in Honduras in 1991 played a key role in maintaining calm and raising awareness among groups opposed to the government. ONUCA established mechanisms to verify and end support for irregular forces and insurgent movements, preventing aggression between states.

🌍 ONUCA's presence in Honduras helped to pacify and raise awareness among groups opposing the government.

The mission of ONUCA was to verify and promote the end of irregular forces and insurgent movements.

🔒 ONUCA aimed to prevent the use of one state's territory to attack another state.

🤝 Brazil was involved in the mission, as they had contact with ONUCA.

00:02:10 UNOCA's observer explains their role in patrolling, verifying, and reporting issues in Honduras during the peace process. Progress was made towards regional disarmament.

🌍 As an observer in Central America, I patrolled villages and reported any issues to the headquarters.

🔒 Progress was made through the efforts of UNHCR, OAS, and UN peacekeeping mission in disarmament.

👥 Collaboration with local authorities and communities helped address problems in the region.

00:03:17 The video discusses the peace process in Central America led by ONUCA in 1991, focusing on the commission's discussions on demilitarization.

🌍 The video discusses the peace process in Central America, specifically in Honduras in 1991.

🔒 There is a committee working on the demilitarization of the country.

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