Loving Jesus: Listening, Unity, and Cross

Jesus teaches the importance of loving Him like His mother Mary. Listen to God's word, do His will, and strive for unity. Care for Jesus, defend Him, and carry your daily cross.

00:00:09 Jesus teaches that his true family are those who listen to and obey the word of God. Exploring the meaning of 'brother' in ancient languages.

📖 Jesus redefines the concept of family, prioritizing those who listen and follow the word of God.

🗣️ The term 'brother' had a broader meaning in ancient languages, including cousins and other close relatives.

00:01:49 The video discusses the use of the term 'brothers' in the Bible and addresses the notion of Jesus having siblings. It also provides a rationale for why Mary was entrusted to John instead of her other children.

🔑 The video discusses the different categories used to designate family relationships, such as siblings and cousins.

🔍 The speaker explains that the term 'brother' is used in the Bible to describe siblings who may have different parents.

🙏 The importance of Mary's relationship with John is highlighted, emphasizing that it was unlikely for Jesus to leave his mother to be cared for by a stranger.

00:03:27 The video discusses the misconception about the Virgin Mary and her relationship with Jesus. It emphasizes the importance of loving Jesus as His mother did.

📜 The Virgin Mary's vulnerability and fragility with Saint John compared to being with her own children.

👥 The misconception of the word 'brother' and its use by some Protestants to discredit the belief in the perpetual virginity of Mary.

🙏 The importance of loving Jesus as Mary did and the invitation to all believers to emulate her love.

00:05:07 In this video, P. Santiago Martin FM discusses the importance of loving Jesus like Mary. He emphasizes the need to listen to God's word, do His will, and strive for unity.

👩‍👧‍👦 The desired title is 'You are my adoptive mother', signifying a deep, wonderful love for Jesus.

🙏 Loving Jesus like Mary means listening to God's word, doing His will, and striving for unity.

🤝 It is more important to prioritize unity over perfection and to respect different perspectives.

00:06:49 Learn the secret to peaceful coexistence: it's better to compromise than to break. Care for Jesus in the Eucharist, in others, and in evangelization.

🤝 Learning to compromise and concede is more important than always being right.

🙏 Imitating the Virgin Mary's spiritual motherhood by caring for Jesus in the Eucharist and in those who are suffering.

📚 Educating and evangelizing others, starting with one's own community.

00:08:30 Defend Jesus from those who deny His divinity and those who say His word is outdated. Join Him in personal suffering and carry your cross daily.

🔑 Evangelize and bring God to others through both testimony and words.

🛡️ Defend Jesus from those who deny His divinity and try to disregard His teachings.

Join Christ in personal suffering, carrying your cross each day.

00:10:13 Accept your cross for the sake of love. Jesus needs us and his mother needs us. Work for unity, help the suffering, defend Christ, and carry your daily cross to be united with Him.

📝 Accept your cross out of love for Jesus and become an adoptive mother of Jesus.

🤝 Work for unity, help those who suffer, and evangelize to defend Christ.

Carry your daily cross to be united with Christ and fulfill His will.

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