Updates on Helium 10's PPC Tool: Optimizations, Dashboard Layout, and Enhancements

This video discusses the latest key updates of Helium 10's PPC tool, including optimizations, new dashboard layout, and upcoming enhancements.

00:00:00 In this video, Vince Montero discusses updates on Adtomic, Helium 10's PPC tool. He addresses questions about transitioning existing campaigns to Adtomic and organizing keywords within campaigns and ad groups.

📢 The host discusses new updates and features of Adtomic, a PPC tool by Helium 10.

🆕 Some of the new features are already live, while others are upcoming.

🔧 Existing campaigns in Adtomic do not need to be paused but can be optimized by adding rules to them.

00:09:12 Learn how to optimize your PPC campaigns in Helium 10's Adtomic tool, including tips on keyword grouping, ad group organization, and campaign structure.

The rules of thumb for grouping keywords in campaigns are based on search volumes and it's important not to mix them.

It is recommended to have one ad group per campaign, unless there are variations in the product that require different ad groups.

There are no specific limitations on the number of keywords that can be placed in a group, but the preference is still one ad group per campaign.

00:18:22 This video introduces the latest key updates of Helium 10's PPC tool. It showcases the new dashboard layout, metrics comparison, and performance tables, providing a comprehensive overview of PPC performance.

📊 The new dashboard in Adtomic has been redesigned based on user feedback to provide a better user experience and understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs).

💰 The dashboard allows users to easily compare current performance with previous periods, identifying areas of improvement or concern, such as increased spend without proportional returns.

📈 The updated dashboard also includes new features like visualizations, seven-day averages, and a hard-coded PPC performance table to provide quick and easy insights into performance over different time frames.

00:27:31 This video discusses the latest key updates with Adtomic, Helium 10's PPC tool, including adding tacos metrics and negative keyword markers to the dashboard and analytics sections.

📈 The team is discussing the addition of metrics to track tacos and improve visibility.

🔍 There are plans to add negative keyword markers and portfolio dashboards for better analysis and performance tracking.

🔧 The analytics section has been redesigned with new filters and improved functionality.

00:36:40 Update on the latest features and improvements in Helium 10's PPC tool, including analytics, search term review, and upcoming changes to the suggestions page.

🔑 Analyzing search terms and campaign performance is crucial to making informed decisions in PPC advertising.

🤔 Adding negative keywords without considering campaign performance can have unintended consequences.

📈 The analytics page is being updated with new features, including a suggestions page and a change log.

00:45:51 This video discusses the latest updates to Adtomic's PPC tool, including changes to the ad manager and campaign builder. The updates aim to improve functionality and streamline the user experience. Additionally, the video mentions future plans for more aggressive recommendations and automations, as well as the upcoming addition of email notifications.

🔧 The ad manager and campaign builder pages are being updated with a new layout and improved functionality to enhance user experience.

📈 The integration of keyword tracker data into the PPC tool will allow users to make better strategic decisions based on organic and sponsored rankings as well as search volume.

🚀 Future updates include more aggressive recommendations and automations in Atomic and the introduction of email notifications for monthly and weekly reports.

00:55:02 Discover the latest updates on Adtomic, Helium 10's PPC Tool, including a new graph feature, cohesive vision, automation block in emails, pilot programs with other ad networks, upcoming enhancements, and custom date range comparisons.

📊 The video introduces a graph representation in the dashboard that provides visual insights and a cohesive vision for users.

📧 The upcoming release will include an automation and suggestions block within the email to track pending suggestions and applied automations.

💡 The video discusses plans for exploring opportunities beyond Amazon PPC and the addition of Amazon APIs in the near future.

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