Boost Your Productivity with Six AI Tools

Explore six AI tools to boost productivity and learn how to stay organized, prioritize tasks, and cite evidence for your work.

00:00:00 Explore six AI tools that can boost productivity, including Chat GPT, a powerful AI chat bot. Learn how to use it for idea generation and research. No sponsorships mentioned.

🤖 AI tools are changing the world of work and productivity.

💬 Chat GPT is a powerful AI chat bot by OpenAI.

💡 The main use case for Chat GPT is idea generation.

00:02:01 This video discusses the limitations of a language model in providing accurate research information. It also explores real-world examples of how adding novelty to mundane tasks can increase productivity and enjoyment.

🔍 The AI tool can provide references to scientific studies, but it may not always give accurate information.

🌐 Real-world examples of adding novelty to work tasks can increase productivity and enjoyment.

🚶‍♂️ Taking meetings and calls while walking can enhance creativity and productivity.

00:03:55 Discover six AI tools to boost productivity, including an exploration of using ChatGPT and the new Notion AI. Learn how to stay organized, prioritize tasks, and cite evidence for your work.

📚 The speaker discusses the use of chat GPT for research purposes and highlights its limitations.

🤝 The speaker introduces Notion AI and how it can enhance productivity by providing AI features within the workspace.

🔬 The speaker emphasizes the need for evidence-based productivity techniques and mentions the use of studies for support.

00:05:50 This video discusses the use of 6 AI tools to boost productivity, but questions the legitimacy of the studies mentioned. It also highlights the importance of manual editing and expanding on the generated action points.

📚 Brief breaks can improve focus and productivity.

💻 AI tools can assist in creating summaries and outlines.

🔍 Additional research is required to verify the legitimacy of studies.

00:08:09 Discover 6 AI tools to enhance productivity including Notion AI for outlining and summarizing, Chai GPT for creating tables, Speechify for text-to-speech reading, and more.

📝 The notion AI tool enables efficient outlining and summarizing of key points.

📊 Notion AI can convert bullet points into a table, saving time in formatting.

🗣️ Speechify, an AI text-to-speech tool, enhances productivity for reading.

00:09:59 Discover the AI tools I use to boost my productivity, including a futuristic time-traveling feature, an AI-powered voice changer, a speed reading tool, and a distraction-free writing tool with autocomplete.

Mental time travel into the future is related to happiness and anxiety.

Using a tool called Speechify helps in absorbing and summarizing large amounts of text quickly.

The writing tool Lex helps in overcoming writer's block with its autocomplete feature.

00:12:00 Discover 6 AI tools to boost productivity in this video. From writing assistance to Zoom call recording and transcription, these tools offer helpful features for content creators.

Finding happiness and fulfillment in one's career

💡 Using AI tools to overcome writer's block and boost productivity

📞 Grain tool for recording and summarizing Zoom calls

00:13:48 This video discusses six AI tools that the speaker uses to boost productivity, including a tool for recording meetings, a tool for transcribing podcasts, and a tool for recording and transcribing on the go.

Recording meetings and using Grain to share meeting recordings, summaries, and highlights.

Using Grain to document the entire journey of writing a book and create a personal documentary.

Using Auto dot AI for AI transcription of podcasts, generating transcripts, and creating timestamps for social media.

Using Auto dot AI to record on the go and transcribe in real time for note-taking from audiobooks.

00:15:42 This video discusses six AI tools that can enhance productivity and save time. Check it out for useful tips on being productive!

📈 Using AI tools can significantly increase productivity.

🕒 Implementing seven daily habits can save up to three hours per day.

🎥 Further productivity tips can be found in another video.

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