Analyzing the Potential Impact of Government Shutdown and Bitcoin Performance

This video discusses the potential impact of government shutdown, Bitcoin's performance, and market trends.

00:00:00 In this video, the speaker discusses the upcoming potential government shutdown, the uncertainty around a debt trade on Bitcoin, and the events to watch in the next week. They caution against using a certain price level as a long entry trigger.

💡 There are potential challenges ahead, including the end of the month and quarter and a potential government shutdown.

📉 There is skepticism about the current trade on bitcoin, with expectations of a breakdown.

📅 Upcoming events include Fed speakers, PCE readings, and employment data, making the first week of October interesting.

00:02:37 A discussion on the possibility of a government shutdown and its potential impact on the market, with a focus on Bitcoin's performance during past shutdowns and other related events.

📉 A recession typically occurs after an inversion, but unemployment has not yet risen.

📊 The yield curve and short duration are currently important factors.

💰 In 2018, there were various events that negatively impacted the market, including a government shutdown, trade war, and cryptocurrency issues.

00:05:16 A discussion about market trends and the potential impact of the DXY on Bitcoin. Bitcoin's performance post-halving is the focus, while noting the unusual positive September for Bitcoin.

📈 Bitcoin has held strong despite the strength of dxy.

💵 The dollar's strength doesn't affect Bitcoin's post-halving moment.

🔒 Bitcoin may see a drop in price if dxy regathers strength.

00:07:54 Cautious outlook for Ethereum as it is a riskier digital asset. Euro's weak performance raises concerns. Potential impact of upcoming deadlines. Some hope for approval of BlackRock ETF.

📈 Ethereum is considered a riskier digital asset with unfavorable seasonality.

💱 The relationship between Bitcoin and the Euro has tightened recently, indicating potential market shifts.

🔀 Caution is advised as the market may either recouple strongly with the Euro or decouple completely.

⚠️ Upcoming deadlines, including the SEC deadline against gbtc and the BlackRock ETF approval, could impact the market.

00:10:32 Analyzing Bitcoin's correlation with real yields, altcoin market breakdown potential, stablecoin market cap relevance, and SP's divergence from real yields and job openings.

📈 Bitcoin's performance is closely correlated with real yields, and if real yields continue to rise, altcoins are expected to break down.

💰 As real yields rise, stablecoin market cap becomes less important, and investing in stablecoins becomes less attractive compared to higher real yields.

📉 There is a wide divergence between the S&P and 10-year real yield, indicating a potential continuation of the S&P's downward trend.

📊 There is a significant divergence between job openings (jolts) and the performance of the S&P, suggesting a possible upcoming correction.

00:13:12 In this video, the speaker discusses the potential breakdown of Bitcoin and Ethereum due to a possible legacy meltdown in October. They also mention the issues surrounding BNB and highlight Monero BTC as a bullish trade to watch. Links is still ranging and not a buy until it surpasses 8.50.

📉 Legacy crashes have historically happened in October, which may pose a risk to the crypto market.

📉 ETH is expected to have a weak performance for the rest of the year, but may improve post-2024.

🔍 BNB is facing challenges and its performance may impact the overall crypto market.

📈 Monero BTC shows a promising pattern, potentially indicating a bullish trade.

⚖️ Links is still in a range and not recommended as a buy until it surpasses a certain level.

00:15:50 A market analysis video discusses unusual whale activity, bearish patterns in the stock market, and the potential for market lows.

🐋 Whale activity is causing a decrease in the availability of a certain asset on exchanges.

📉 There is bearish sentiment in the market, with reversal patterns and head and shoulders formations.

📚 The overall performance of the market has been mediocre, with flat returns for most investors.

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