Embrace Change and Create a Growth Mindset Culture with GROW

Learn to embrace change and improve focus, learning, and problem-solving. Create a growth mindset culture with GROW by NeuroLeadership Institute.

00:00:03 Learn how to create a growth mindset culture and embrace change as a challenge rather than a threat to improve focus, learning, and problem-solving abilities.

🧠 The human brain prefers predictability, but too much change can induce stress and hinder learning and problem-solving abilities.

💡 Embracing change as a challenge instead of a threat can enhance focus, deep thinking, and the acquisition of new knowledge.

🌱 Leaders can cultivate a growth mindset culture by adopting it themselves and fostering growth mindset thinking in their teams through feedback and role modeling.

00:01:09 Learn how to create a culture of growth mindset using GROW, a scalable learning solution by NeuroLeadership Institute.

🧠 The NeuroLeadership Institute has identified three key habits for leaders to maintain and lead with a growth mindset.

📚 With GROW, employees can develop a growth mindset and become more flexible, positive, and engaged in the face of change.

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