Theranos: The $10 Billion Scam - How Elizabeth Holmes Fooled Investors and Patients.

Theranos: A Drop of Blood, $10 Billion Fraud - The Deception of Elizabeth Holmes and the Collapse of Theranos.

00:00:08 Theranos: One Drop of Blood, $10 Billion Deception

ÔşÉ Theranos promised to revolutionize the blood testing industry by offering a simple and affordable device that could perform a wide range of tests.

­čĺö Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, turned out to be one of the biggest fraudsters in history, leading to the downfall of the company.

­čĺ░ Despite her questionable background and lack of expertise, Holmes managed to raise billions of dollars from investors based on her vision.

00:03:25 Elizabeth worked tirelessly to create a device that could analyze a person's health profile with just a drop of blood. However, the device she developed, called Edison, faced numerous technical challenges and ultimately did not work. Former employees at Theranos have revealed that the Edison devices in the laboratories were dysfunctional.

­čĺí Elizabeth Holmes worked tirelessly to develop a device that could analyze a complete health profile with just a drop of blood.

­čž¬ Existing blood analysis devices use different methods to detect health markers, but they require a sufficient amount of blood.

­čôł Holmes pitched a technology that could perform hundreds or even thousands of tests with just a few drops of blood, promising investors a revolutionary breakthrough.

00:06:41 Theranos: A drop of blood, $10 billion fraud. Elizabeth Holmes manipulated investors and patients to believe in her product, but it was all a lie.

­čöŹ Theranos only tested 10% of the patients' blood samples using their own devices and pretended to test the rest using established industry machines.

­čĺ╝ Elizabeth Holmes manipulated investors by building laboratories that appeared to be working with their own products.

ÔÜľ´ŞĆ Holmes didn't hesitate to give some patients incorrect results that were measured with Edison, misleading them and disregarding their rights.

00:09:58 Theranos: A Drop of Blood, $10 Billion Fraud.

­čöŹ Elizabeth Holmes used deceptive tactics and a deep voice to gain credibility.

­čĺ░ Despite not producing any working products, Theranos was valued at around $9-10 billion.

­čŚŁ´ŞĆ Elizabeth Holmes controlled over 50% of the company and became one of the richest self-made women.

­čÜź Elizabeth Holmes was intolerant of criticism and fired those who questioned her ethics.

ÔÜľ´ŞĆ Theranos provided unreliable test results, leading to potential harm to patients.

00:13:16 A drop of blood, $10 billion fraud: the story of Theranos

­čô░ Theranos, a company led by Elizabeth Holmes, engaged in a multi-billion dollar fraud by manipulating people's health.

­čĺ░ Theranos received significant investments, including $150 million from the Walton family, and claimed to have groundbreaking technology that could perform 200 tests simultaneously.

­čöŹ Investigations by the FDA, DOJ, and SEC revealed that Theranos' claims were false, and the company's value plummeted.

00:16:33 The video discusses the fraudulent practices of Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes in the biotech industry, leading to the closure of the company and legal consequences for Holmes. It emphasizes the need for a reevaluation of the innovation culture and accountability in the justice system.

­čöŹ Elizabeth Holmes used deception and false data to promote her company, Theranos.

­čĺë Theranos produced inaccurate test results, causing panic and fear among patients.

­čĺ░ The case highlights the toxic culture of Silicon Valley and the harm caused by dishonesty in entrepreneurship.

00:19:53 Theranos: A drop of blood, $10 billion fraud. Elizabeth Holmes exhibited sociopathic and narcissistic behaviors, refusing to apologize or show remorse. Holmes was not alone in this scam, as many others involved will likely go unpunished.

­čöŹ Elizabeth Holmes being a charismatic and manipulative individual with sociopathic tendencies who showed no remorse for her actions.

­čĺ╝ The involvement of Dr. Richard Fues and his testimony against Theranos in a patent dispute, which risked his job and financial stability due to his age and health condition.

­čĺö Holmes' lack of empathy and disregard for the consequences of her actions, as seen in her indifference towards the death of a colleague and her failure to take responsibility for the harm caused to thousands of patients.

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