Supporting Students with Learning Differences in Online Learning

Strategies to support students with learning differences in online learning. Importance of finding alternative strategies for their unique needs.

00:00:00 Discover strategies to support students with learning differences in online learning to prevent falling behind.

🎓 Online learning can be challenging for students with learning differences and varying abilities.

🏫 Parents can support their students with learning disabilities in online learning by providing constant help and assurance.

👩‍🏫 Kimberly Mullins, director of a tutoring club, discusses the difficulties of online learning for students with ADHD and the need for focus and redirection.

00:01:04 Exploring the challenges of online learning for students with learning disabilities and the importance of finding alternative strategies to support their unique needs.

📚 Online learning presents unique challenges for students with learning disabilities, such as different learning styles and ocular processing issues.

The lack of a set routine in online learning can make it difficult for parents to manage their child's day and maintain a consistent schedule.

👩‍🏫 In a traditional classroom, teachers can easily provide support and ensure student engagement, but online learning requires different strategies.

00:02:05 A program for online learning with learning disabilities that focuses on a solid routine, multi-sensory activities, and mnemonics to support understanding.

🔑 Implementing a solid routine with dedicated time for work, activities, breaks, socializing, and fun is crucial for effective online learning.

🔑 Creating a multi-sensory learning experience by incorporating interactive elements like certified teachers, whiteboards, and mnemonics helps students with learning disabilities grasp concepts better.

🔑 Addressing short-term processing issues by providing additional support and resources to aid memory retention is essential in virtual and general learning environments.

00:03:00 A program for online learning with learning disabilities offers support and structured learning experiences with repetition and emotional engagement.

🧠 Students with learning disabilities benefit from repetition and emotional engagement in learning.

💡 A program is available for parents of students with learning disabilities, offering structured support and social interaction.

The program provides either a full or half-day experience, with structured work periods and breaks.

00:04:02 Learn with a growth mindset. Overcome challenges and develop a can-do attitude. Online learning program for kids with learning disabilities.

The online learning program focuses on promoting a growth mindset and teaching students to embrace failure as a part of the learning process.

The program offers options for full or half-day attendance, allowing parents to choose the best schedule for their child.

The program is available at two different centers in St. John's, and interested families can contact the provided email or phone number for more information.

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