Create and Customize Your Own AI Chatbot: Botsonic Training Session

Learn how to create and customize your own AI chatbot with Botsonic. Explore integrations with messaging platforms and manage conversations with the inbox feature.

00:00:20 Learn how to use Bots Sonic effectively in this training session. Discover new features and updates, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger integrations. Get ready to serve your clients better!

The webinar is a training session on the new features of Bots Sonic.

Participants from various locations are introduced and encouraged to ask questions in the Q&A tab.

The new updates of Bots Sonic, including integrations and the iframe feature, are discussed.

00:10:00 This video demonstrates how to create an AI chatbot using Botsonic. It covers training, syncing websites, customizing appearance, and setting up starter questions.

💡 Botsonic is an AI chatbot platform that allows users to create their own chatbots for lead generation.

🎨 Users can customize the appearance of their chatbot, including the bot name, company logo, and accent color.

🔧 Botsonic offers various settings and options, such as syncing websites, managing visibility of sources, and configuring starter questions.

00:19:39 Learn how to create your own AI chatbot using Botsonic. Customize the bot's guidelines, user limits, and user form. Embed the bot on your website or integrate it with Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Manage conversations with the inbox feature and export user data.

⚙️ In the video, the speaker discusses the guidelines for creating a customized chatbot, including writing style preferences and the use of emojis.

💬 The video also explains how to set user limits to prevent spamming and conserve AI resources, as well as how to create a user form for lead generation.

🌐 Additionally, the video demonstrates different methods to embed the chatbot on a website, including code snippet embedding, iframe embedding for a wider interface, and using the REST API for technical users.

00:29:20 Make your Own AI Chatbot With Botsonic - Training Session: Learn how to create and customize your own AI chatbot. Explore integrations with Slack and upcoming integrations with Microsoft Teams. Discover analytics features and FAQs management.

📅 You can schedule meetings easily with the app by clicking a button and receiving a calendly invite link.

🔌 Users can request different integrations for the bot, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

📈 The analytics tab provides an overview of the number of messages and conversations, with future enhancements including trending questions and resolution tracking.

00:39:01 Learn how to create a multilingual AI chatbot with Botsonic. Choose between static and dynamic language options. Explore upcoming features like language settings and data collection policies.

Botsonic offers the option to choose between static and dynamic language for the chatbot.

The chatbot can respond in any language if set to dynamic, but will only respond in the set language if set to static.

Botsonic is working on implementing a privacy policy banner and different policies based on user location.

00:48:44 Learn how to create your own AI chatbot with Botsonic in this training session. The tutorial video and step-by-step instructions are available in the Slack community.

Botsonic is providing tutorials and updates in their slack community for creating an AI chatbot with WhatsApp integration.

Migrating from old Botsonic to new Botsonic is a seamless process with a detailed migration guide provided.

Botsonic plans to support API integration for fetching data from specific databases and returning relevant responses.

00:58:24 Learn about the features of Botsonic and join the community for support and training. Integration with CRMs and app embedding are in the roadmap.

📌 A mobile SDK will soon be available to integrate the chatbot into applications.

✉️ A new Slack invite link has been generated for the community.

💼 Botsonic will be integrating with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM.

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