Unveiling the Reasons Studios Shy Away from Blender Despite its Superiority

Exploring why studios don't use Blender despite it being free and better than paid software, and discussing the barriers and potential for its industry standardization.

00:00:00 Why studios don't use Blender despite it being free and better than Maya and Max. Let's explore the realities that can be changed by Blender artists.

💡 Blender is a powerful and free software that rivals Maya and Max.

💡 VFX and game development studios have not fully embraced Blender.

💡 The history and growth of Blender over the past 30 years.

00:01:34 The video discusses why Blender, a free software, is not widely used in the entertainment industry compared to other paid software.

🎥 Blender was originally created as free and open-source software for the community.

💡 Blender has advanced features and capabilities that rival or surpass other 3D software.

🏢 Ownership of studios in the entertainment industry is diverse and varied.

00:03:12 The ownership landscape in the game development industry or VFX is dynamic. Studios prioritize products that bring success and profits. Blender lacks the development and support provided by big companies like Autodesk Max, Maya, and Side Effects.

🎥 The ownership structure of studios in the entertainment industry varies widely.

💻 Blender lacks the development and maintenance support that other software like Autodesk Max and Maya have.

🤝 Support is crucial for studios and artists when using software for their projects.

00:04:45 Why studios don't use Blender despite it being free: They rely on custom tools and scripts in other software, and depend on support, development, and maintenance from companies to ensure a smooth workflow and meet deadlines.

💡 Studios use custom tools and scripts, known as add-ons, to automate tasks and optimize workflow in 3D software.

💸 Studios prefer using commercial 3D software that is developed by a company and offers support, even though Blender is free.

🔧 Blender lacks a complete ecosystem of third-party add-ons compared to software like 3ds Max.

00:06:22 Blender, a free and non-commercial software, lacks the necessary resources for studios to use it. However, it is attracting attention from big players like Epic Games and Google.

💡 Blender is not a commercial software like Max or Maya and does not have the necessary resources to support studios.

🔥 Blender is supported by donations from artists, small companies, and corporate donors like Epic Games, Google, Apple, and Ubisoft.

🔒 The lack of trust in Blender's capabilities comes from the demands of studios and its current inability to fulfill them.

00:07:56 Big studios don't use Blender as their main 3D software because they already have industry-standard packages. Training teams, creating a new pipeline, and cost are barriers.

🎨 Big studios already have industry standard 3D packages and are reluctant to switch to Blender.

💰 Price is not a major factor for studios as software costs are a small percentage of employee salaries.

🌟 Blender artists are the best hope for its wider adoption in the industry.

00:09:32 Blender's potential as a top software in the industry lies in its use by future 3D artists, game developers, and VFX studios. Despite limited current usage, there is hope for blender's industry standardization.

🎮 Blender has the potential to become the top software in the industry for game development and VFX studios.

🏢 Many studios are already using Blender to some extent, giving hope for its future adoption as an industry standard.

🔍 Barnstorm VFX is a great example of a big studio using Blender to create amazing content.

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