Questioning the Popularity of Oksimiron's Music

A video discussing the popularity of Oksimiron's music and why the speaker is not a fan.

00:00:00 I was listening to Oxxxymiron and wondering why so many people listen to him. He has a lot of fans, but I'm not really into it.

🎵 I listen to singles more than albums because I find albums to be weak.

🎧 I enjoy listening to both Russian and English songs, and sometimes I revisit old songs.

🎶 I used to listen to various songs in my childhood.

00:01:16 Questioning the popularity of Oksimiron's music after watching his diss tracks. His style is not appealing, but some songs are catchy. Despite having many fans, I personally don't enjoy his music.

👥 Oksimiron has a large fanbase.

🎵 Some of Oksimiron's songs are enjoyable to me.

I don't fully connect with Oksimiron's style.

00:02:33 This video discusses the popularity of the artist Oksimiron and why the speaker is not a fan. The speaker reminisces about past encounters with the artist.

🎵 Fans of Oxxxymiron listen to him for his unique rhythms and melodies.

🌟 Oxxxymiron's music evokes strong emotions and makes people feel empowered.

🔙 His music has a nostalgic quality that transports listeners to a different time.

00:03:35 A discussion about the popularity of the artist Oxxxymiron and why the speaker doesn't personally enjoy his music.

🎵 The video discusses the popularity of Oxxxymiron, a Russian rapper.

👥 The speaker questions why Oxxxymiron has a large fan base despite their personal preference.

🎶 The speaker appreciates Oxxxymiron's music and mentions enjoying a particular aspect of it.

00:04:42 Analyzing the popularity of Oxxxymiron's music and questioning its appeal. Despite having many fans, the speaker remains unimpressed.

🎵 Oksimiron is a popular artist with a large fanbase.

🤔 The speaker is questioning why Oksimiron is widely listened to.

👎 The speaker personally doesn't appreciate Oksimiron's music.

00:05:50 Oksimiron has many fans, but I don't understand why. It's cool, especially when the movie 'Dostuchatsya do nebes' is awesome.

🎵 Many fans listen to Оксимирон for his music.

🎤 Some people admire Оксимирон for his rap skills.

🤔 The transcript discusses why the speaker is not a big fan of Оксимирон.

Summary of a video "Слушал Оксимирона и думаю, а за что его вообще слушают. Фанатов много, а мне не очень" by Артем JM on YouTube.

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