AKRA - Overnight: A captivating journey of self-discovery

AKRA's song 'Overnight' portrays the inner conflict of desiring love and freedom, and the transformative power of nature.

00:00:08 AKRA's song 'Overnight' explores the emotional struggle of wanting both love and freedom, while also reflecting on the transformative power of the sun and rain.

The video is titled 'AKRA - Overnight'.

The lyrics discuss the internal struggle between wanting love and wanting freedom.

There is a desire for change and a feeling of uncertainty.

00:01:34 AKRA - Overnight: A captivating music video showcasing the journey of self-discovery through darkness and rain.

The video is about a song called 'AKRA - Overnight'.

The song is about the rise of someone's career and the challenges they face.

The lyrics mention walking in the rain as a metaphor for perseverance.

Summary of a video "AKRA - Overnight" by AKRA on YouTube.

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