Study Abroad, Language Learning, and Consulting Success

A conversation about studying abroad, language learning, and a successful group project in consulting.

00:00:11 The video titled 'High Bridge Placement Beyza, Luis & David' features a conversation between three individuals who discuss their experiences studying and living abroad. Topics include their educational backgrounds, living in foreign countries, and the challenges of learning new languages.

πŸ“š The video is a conversation between three individuals discussing their experiences studying abroad and their academic backgrounds.

🌍 They talk about the benefits and challenges of doing an MBA in a foreign country, particularly in Paris.

πŸ—£οΈ The conversation also touches on language learning and the importance of networking and creating connections during their studies.

00:20:28 The video discusses a group project to solve profitability issues for a company. The group discovered that targeting college flats with their furniture was a better approach, resulting in a 10% increase in revenues.

The profitability issue of a beer company was tackled by analyzing their marketing strategies.

The company's focus shifted to targeting college flats as potential customers.

The personal contribution of the speaker was investigating alternative channels and discovering the potential of student apartments.

00:40:47 The video discusses the experiences of individuals in consulting and their motivations for pursuing a career in the field.

πŸ“š The speaker had to analyze 36 portfolios and come up with their own strategies.

πŸ’Ό The speaker emphasized the importance of consulting in their career and the desire to work in different industries.

πŸŽ“ The speaker discussed the value of their educational background and learning from experienced professors.

01:01:04 High Bridge Placement Beyza, Luis & David. A discussion about their backgrounds, professional experiences, and career decisions. They highlight their focus on process improvement, their MBA specialization in sustainability and disruptive innovation, and their passion for teaching and music.

The speaker has a background in industrial engineering and has focused on improving processes and performance in companies.

They have worked on continuous improvement projects in a medical devices company, such as reducing manufacturing time and inventory costs.

They decided to pursue an MBA with a specialization in sustainability and disruptive innovation to address future challenges in companies.

01:21:23 The video discusses the challenges of delegation, negotiation skills, and prioritization in a professional setting, highlighting personal experiences and achievements.

The speaker found it difficult to delegate tasks in their previous role, but realized the importance of delegation to meet deadlines and develop their team.

The speaker improved their negotiation skills by working in the internal part of the company and interacting with clients and stakeholders.

The speaker is working on improving their decision-making and prioritization skills to effectively evaluate alternatives and seek feedback from trusted individuals.

01:41:39 The video discusses the speaker's transition from working at Ericsson to pursuing a career in consulting. They highlight their analytical skills and desire to work with the greatest minds of their generation.

πŸ’Ό Switching from working at Ericsson to pursuing a career in consulting due to the opportunity for analytical challenges and working with high-level executives.

πŸ“Š Successfully solving a business problem and recouping sales by conducting research, collaborating with colleagues, and proposing a solution.

🌟 Taking a risk by transitioning from engineering to sales, overcoming shyness, and achieving success in sales by being recognized as the youngest star performer.

πŸ‘₯ Motivating others as a student mentor and recognizing the power of teamwork and its ripple effect.

02:01:58 A student mentor shares their experience motivating and supporting new students at their university, emphasizing the importance of selecting courses and activities that align with their interests and strengths. They also discuss their role as a team member in improving a company's supply chain.

πŸŽ“ Being selected as a mentor for newcomer students based on academic success and involvement in student clubs.

πŸ—£οΈ Motivating and supporting students from different backgrounds to select courses and activities they are interested in.

πŸ‘₯πŸ’Ό Leading a team to identify and solve problems in a company's supply chain, resulting in job opportunities.

Summary of a video "High Bridge Placement Beyza, Luis & David" by High Bridge Management Academy on YouTube.

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