Oceanic Feast: The Sardine Migration and its Predators

Mass migration of sardines along South Africa's coast attracts predators like gannets and sharks.

00:00:02 Millions of sardines embark on a massive migration along South Africa's eastern seaboard, feasting on a bloom of plankton brought by rich nutrients from cold waters. Their biomass rivals that of wildebeests in Africa.

🌊 Coastal currents bring up rich nutrients, creating a bloom of plankton.

🐟 Millions of sardines migrate along the coast, feasting on the plankton.

🌍 The sardine migration rivals the wildebeest migration in terms of sheer biomass.

00:01:11 Predators, including gannets and sharks, follow the northward migration of sardines. The sharks' tracks are visible from the air.

🐟 The sardines are traveling north, attracting a multitude of predators.

🐦 Thousands of Cape gannets are following the sardines, coordinating their breeding for their chicks to join the pursuit.

🦈 Bronze Whaler sharks have joined the caravan, leaving visible tracks through the sardine shoals.

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