Choosing the Right Trading Method: Subjective vs Program Trading

Should you do subjective trading or program trading? The video discusses which trading method is more suitable based on skills and preferences, emphasizing self-reflection and experimentation.

00:00:46 In this video, the speaker shares their personal experience and provides advice on determining if one is suitable for trading. They discuss the different scenarios in which someone may be suitable for subjective or quantitative trading, or neither. The importance of self-reflection and understanding one's personality is emphasized.

📚 In this video, the speaker discusses their personal experience and teaching process for determining whether someone is suitable for trading.

🔄 There are four possible scenarios for suitability in trading: suitable for both subjective and quantitative trading, suitable only for quantitative trading, suitable only for subjective trading, or not suitable for either type of trading.

🛣️ The speaker emphasizes the importance of considering personal suitability before entering the trading market and overcoming obstacles along the way.

00:03:33 Learn about the suitability of subjective trading vs. algorithmic trading based on patience and execution. Tips for aspiring traders included.

📈 The most important aspects of trading are patience and execution.

💡 Whether someone is suited for subjective or quantitative trading depends on their personality traits.

💼 Subjective trading relies on intuition and experience, while quantitative trading focuses on data analysis and risk management.

00:06:18 Should you do subjective trading or program trading? The speaker shares their experience and advice, emphasizing the similarity in profitability and risk between the two approaches.

💡 Subjective trading and program trading yield similar profits, but subjective trading requires more time and attention.

⏰ If you choose to do program trading, you need to have more patience and spend more time compared to subjective trading.

📈 Subjective traders face the challenge of making clear decisions on buying, selling, stop loss, and exit points.

00:09:02 Should you do subjective trading or program trading? Understanding the risks and rewards of each trading style is crucial for traders.

📈 Subjective trading involves waiting for the right entry point and managing risks based on individual judgment.

⏰ Subjective trading requires patience and constant monitoring of the market to determine exit points.

💡 If subjective trading is more profitable than automated trading strategies, prioritize subjective trading by ensuring a higher risk-reward ratio.

00:11:46 The video discusses whether subjective or program trading is more suitable. It emphasizes the importance of choosing the right trading method based on individual skills and preferences.

😊 Subjective trading can offer higher returns compared to quantitative and algorithmic trading, but it requires a certain skill set and may not be suitable for everyone.

🤔 To determine if you are suitable for quantitative trading, consider your patience for mathematical calculations, program writing, and statistical analysis.

⏰ Time spent on subjective trading should result in better performance, while time spent on quantitative trading can lead to satisfactory results, provided you have the necessary skills and personality traits.

00:14:31 In this video, the speaker discusses whether subjective or programmed trading is more suitable for individuals. They emphasize the importance of self-reflection and experimenting to determine suitability. No pressure is placed on achieving immediate success, but rather on personal growth and improvement.

💡 Trading may not be suitable for everyone, and it's important to assess your own suitability before diving into it.

🔄 Start by trying different trading methods and evaluating if they align with your strengths and weaknesses.

💰 The ultimate goal of trading is to make money, but it's crucial to understand the meaning and purpose behind your trading endeavors.

00:17:15 Find the best trading method that suits your goals by understanding yourself and making informed decisions.

👍 Finding the suitable trading method depends on individual goals and self-awareness.

👨‍🍳 Understanding oneself and making decisions accordingly is crucial in trading.

🍳 Self-awareness and personalized decision-making lead to the best trading outcomes.

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