Mastering Task Management in Todoist

Learn how to effectively prioritize and manage tasks in Todoist to reduce overwhelm and create a happier life.

00:00:00 Learn how to effectively set dates on tasks to reduce overwhelm and minimize daily to-do lists in this episode of Working with Todoist.

📆 Setting dates on tasks can help reduce the overwhelm of a long to-do list.

📉 By dating tasks, you can prioritize and reduce the number of daily tasks.

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00:01:44 Learn how to organize tasks in Todoist and prioritize your important work with filters in this tutorial.

The speaker demonstrates using Todoist, a productivity tool, to organize tasks.

The 'Today View' in Todoist can be overwhelming with many tasks, so the speaker suggests using filters to focus on the important tasks.

One of the speaker's favorite filters is 'Today's Focus', which removes routine tasks and allows for better concentration on important work.

00:03:27 Learn how to manage your tasks efficiently using Todoist by creating routines and filtering out non-essential tasks. Also, discover the benefits of using a 'someday maybe' folder for future projects.

💡 Creating a 'routines' label to filter out tasks that need to be done regularly but don't contribute to personal development.

💭 Using filters, such as flags or labels, to remove routine tasks from the daily view.

📅 Utilizing a 'someday maybe' folder for projects that can't be pursued currently due to timing, resources, or financial constraints.

00:05:10 Learn how to effectively review and prioritize tasks in Todoist without missing anything. Avoid randomly adding dates to tasks to prevent a cluttered task list.

📅 Setting dates for tasks ensures that important projects are reviewed regularly.

🚫 Avoid randomly adding dates to tasks that don't require immediate attention.

📝 During the weekly review, decide which tasks to work on in the upcoming week.

00:06:52 Learn how to effectively manage tasks in Todoist by utilizing weekly reviews and labeling next actions.

💡 Not dating every task in Todoist unless necessary is crucial for productivity.

🗓️ Weekly reviews are important for any productivity system, including Todoist.

🔍 Using filters and labels, such as 'next actions,' can help prioritize tasks in Todoist.

00:08:34 Learn how to efficiently prioritize and manage tasks in Todoist by using the 'Next Actions' label and organizing projects.

👇 The next actions label in Todoist helps prioritize tasks and ensures that the very next action is easily accessible.

👇 Using labels for next actions in projects helps stay organized and prevents clutter in the daily view list.

👇 Assigning specific dates to tasks should be avoided unless necessary, and instead, the next actions label should be used.

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