Mastering SEO: From Beginner to Google's First Page

Learn step-by-step SEO for beginners to rank #1 on Google without experts or generic advice. Find low competition and long-tail keywords, create epic content, optimize for users, and build backlinks.

00:00:00 Learn how to rank on the first page of Google using a step-by-step process, without relying on SEO experts or following generic advice. Find low competition keywords and create content based on them.

🔑 The video is about ranking on the first page of Google using a step-by-step process.

⚙️ The speaker shares their personal experience of struggling with SEO and how they conducted experiments to find effective strategies.

🔗 The first step is to find three low competition keywords to create content around.

00:01:53 Learn how to find long-tail keywords using Answer the Public, Reddit, and Exploding Topics. Then, create epic content to stand out among the millions of online articles.

Answer the Public is a tool that generates long-tail keywords from questions.

Reddit can be used to find topics and generate long-tail keywords.

Exploding Topics is a free tool that provides trending keywords in various industries.

Most online content does not get shared or linked to due to its quality.

00:03:45 Learn how to create epic content that increases the chances of getting backlinks and rankings on Google. Includes tips on content length, adding hooks, and keyword optimization.

📃 Publishing long and in-depth content increases the chances of getting more backlinks.

🎣 Adding hooks, such as stats, case studies, unique strategies, or visualizations, can attract links from bloggers and journalists.

🔎 Keyword optimizing the content through on-page SEO is essential.

00:05:37 Learn the new approach to on-page SEO for better rankings in Google. Use target keywords and LSI keywords to give context to your page. Also, optimize your content for users, not just backlinks.

🔑 Keyword stuffing is no longer effective for SEO; the focus now is on providing context to Google about the page's topic.

🔎 LSI keywords are important for giving Google more context about the page's topic.

💡 Optimizing content for users is crucial in ranking on Google.

00:07:29 Learn how to optimize your content for users to improve your Google rankings. Focus on engaging introductions, user-friendly design, and building backlinks.

⭐️ Attention to user interaction in search results can impact rankings.

📝 Structure content to provide actionable information quickly.

🎨 Design plays a significant role in user engagement and bounce rate.

🔗 Backlinks remain important for SEO.

00:09:22 Learn how to improve your website's ranking on Google by creating epic content, optimizing it for users, and utilizing broken link building strategies.

📝 By following the steps of creating epic content, optimizing it for users, and adding hooks, you can build a strong foundation for backlink building.

🔗 One effective strategy for building backlinks is broken link building, which involves finding broken links on relevant pages and offering your own content as a replacement.

📧 Personalized outreach emails are more likely to receive replies than generic ones, according to an outreach study conducted with Pitchbox.

🖼️ Using unique images instead of stock photos on your website may contribute to better Google rankings, as suggested by a recent experiment conducted by Reboot Online.

00:11:16 Learn the importance of using unique images in your content to improve Google rankings.

Using unique images in your content can have a direct impact on rankings in Google search results.

📷 These unique images can be pictures taken with a phone, illustrations made in Photoshop, or screenshots captured by yourself.

💡 Consider trying techniques like broken link building or adding unique images to improve your SEO strategy.

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