Discover the Versatile Portofino Cooker Range: Functional, Stylish, and Perfect for Italian-Style Pizza and Healthy Baking

Introducing the versatile Portofino cooker range by Smeg: functional, stylish, and perfect for Italian-style pizza and healthy baking.

00:00:04 Introducing the colorful and inspired Portofino cooker range. With a spacious oven and a three fan system for even cooking, it's both functional and stylish.

🔥 Portofino makes new colorful freestanding cookers inspired by a famous coastal village in Italy.

👌 The cookers can be installed between cabinets or positioned anywhere in the kitchen.

👩‍🍳 The oven has a spacious cavity, three fan system for even cooking, and reduces preheating time by 50%.

00:01:07 The PORTOFINO cooker range allows you to cook Italian style pizza in 4 minutes and bake healthy and delicious bread. It features easy cleaning with EverClean enamel finish and various cleaning functions. The oven door has a soft-closed system and remains cool while cooking.

🍕 The PORTOFINO cooker range allows you to cook Italian style pizza in just 4 minutes.

🧼 The oven has easy cleaning features, including a special enamel finish that prevents grease residues from sticking and a removable inner glass for thorough cleaning.

🔥 Some models have a vapor clean function, while others use pyrolytic cleaning to efficiently clean the oven cavity.

🚪 The oven door has a soft closed system, preventing it from slamming and remaining cool while cooking.

00:02:10 Discover the features of the PORTOFINO cooker range by Smeg, including pyrolytic cleaning, intuitive LDC display, and 2000 automatic cooking programs. Available in induction or gas fill top, with heavy-duty cast iron grates for flexibility. Choose your color and style!

🔥 Smeg Portofino cookers offer pyrolytic cleaning.

🎛️ The cookers have an intuitive LDC display with 2000 automatic cooking programs.

🔀 Options include gas or induction cooktops with heavy-duty cast iron grates.

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