Etsy Product Research for Beginners - Step by Step

Learn effective Etsy product research for beginners, including analyzing cart quantities and sales history. Discover popular items and use Everbe to track purchases.

00:00:00 Learn how to do effective Etsy product research to find in-demand products and increase sales on the platform.

πŸ” Doing Etsy product research is crucial for finding products with high demand and sales.

πŸ’‘ Using the auto-suggest feature on Etsy's search field helps identify popular keywords and search terms.

πŸŽƒ Narrowing down the search by adding specific keywords like 'Halloween' can uncover potential niche markets.

00:01:37 Learn how to effectively research Etsy products to identify high-demand items using factors like popularity and cart quantity. Discover a bonus hack to evaluate sales potential.

πŸ” Etsy uses data to provide the best search results for buyers and sellers.

❀️ The 'Most Loved' feature on Etsy indicates products with high demand.

πŸ›’ The number of items in a buyer's cart can indicate the popularity and potential sales of a product.

00:03:16 Learn how to perform Etsy product research for beginners step by step, including analyzing cart quantities and sales history to gauge demand.

πŸ” Analyzing the number of items in the cart can indicate popularity and demand for a design on Etsy.

πŸ› By adding a popular design to the cart, it is possible to view the number of sales in the past 24 hours.

πŸ“… Tracking the number of sales over time can provide insights into long-term demand for a product.

00:04:55 Learn how to use Etsy product research tool Everbeat to analyze sales, revenue, favorites, and views of popular products.

πŸ”Ž Using the tool called everbeat for Etsy product research.

πŸ“Š Sorting and analyzing products based on sales data and metrics.

πŸ’° Finding highly sold products with high revenue potential.

00:06:36 Learn how to use Everbe to analyze Etsy listings for product research. Discover popular keywords, sales data, and pricing strategies. Useful for beginners.

πŸ’‘ Using the Everbe tool, we can analyze keywords and tags used by successful Etsy listings to improve our own listings and find product ideas.

πŸ’° By analyzing a three-year-old Etsy listing, we found that it has achieved 1995 total sales, an estimated monthly revenue of $764.57, and 57 monthly sales, indicating its success.

πŸ‘• While the shirt itself sells well, it's the design that drives its popularity. We can also analyze multiple listings using product analytics to gather more insights.

00:08:16 Learn how to do Etsy product research for beginners step by step. Discover popular items and analyze their selling potential. Use Everbe to track purchases.

πŸ” If you don't see 'most loved' when doing a search on Etsy, it may indicate that the product is not popular or the search is too broad.

πŸ›’ When researching a product on Etsy, focus on the organic search results rather than ads, and pay attention to the number of items in the cart and recent purchases.

πŸ’‘ Using Everbe can provide valuable insights into the popularity and sales performance of a product on Etsy.

00:09:55 Learn how to analyze Etsy product listings using Everbee to determine their sales history, age, favorites, and views. Essential for successful Etsy sellers!

πŸ” Etsy product research is important for success on the platform.

πŸ’° Analyzing the history of a listing can provide insights into its sales and popularity.

πŸ“ˆ Getting traffic to your Etsy listing is crucial for generating sales.

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