AI Chatbot Tutorial for Beginners

Learn how to build AI chatbots and capitalize on the booming chatbot market. Gain the skills to become a chatbot developer or start your own AI automation agency.

00:00:00 Learn how to build AI chatbots and capitalize on the booming chatbot market. Discover the different types of chatbots and the opportunities they offer for businesses. Gain the skills to become a chatbot developer or start your own AI automation agency.

πŸ€– AI chat bots offer a lucrative opportunity for freelancers and business owners as businesses are in need of these bots to improve customer communication and increase revenue.

πŸ’Ό There are two routes to choose from: become a bot developer or conversation designer to offer services, or create your own AI automation agency to sell chat bots and provide additional automations to businesses.

πŸ’‘ There are different types of chat bots, including old school bots based on decision trees, pure AI bots like Chat GPT, and modern bots that combine various features for improved functionality.

00:26:19 Learn how to build prompt-assisted and custom knowledge chatbots. Prompt-assisted chatbots use a large language model and a prompt to generate responses, while custom knowledge chatbots have access to a knowledge base. Custom knowledge chatbots are more valuable but require retrieval systems to get relevant information.

πŸ€– There are two types of AI chatbots: prompted assistants and custom knowledge chatbots.

πŸ“š Prompted assistants are basic chatbots that combine a large language model with a prompt to give instructions.

πŸ’‘ Custom knowledge chatbots have access to a knowledge base and can provide valuable information based on specific data.

00:52:15 This video covers the key concepts of building chatbots, such as fine-tuning, prompting, intent classification, chat history, deployment, APIs, and agents. The presenter demonstrates prototyping with Chatbase and Dante AI and later builds different types of chatbots using Voiceflow.

Fine-tuning chat models is not possible with current models, but it may be an option in the future.

Prompting is giving instructions to the AI on how to act or respond.

Intent classification is the task of categorizing user input based on their desired outcome.

Chat history is important in maintaining context within a chatbot.

Deployment refers to how a chatbot is made available and accessible to users.

Agents are programs that can operate autonomously, making decisions and taking actions to achieve specific goals.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow two applications to communicate with each other.

01:18:13 This video provides a tutorial on building chatbots for beginners using AI technology. It covers creating a custom knowledge chatbot, uploading documents, and deploying the chatbot on different platforms.

πŸ€– Learn how to build a custom knowledge chatbot using Voiceflow

πŸ’‘ Create a comprehensive knowledge base for the chatbot to provide accurate and helpful information

🌐 Use the chatbot to handle common customer support queries for an e-commerce store

01:41:32 This video tutorial demonstrates how to build a chatbot using Voiceflow. It covers setting up intents, using external APIs, and generating AI responses. The tutorial includes examples for tracking orders, leaving reviews, and answering customer inquiries.

πŸ€– Using chat GPT to repurpose prompts for different businesses.

πŸ”§ Setting up conversation design for a customer support chatbot.

πŸ“ Creating intents to capture user requests and responding accordingly.

02:08:31 This video tutorial demonstrates how to build chatbots using AI technology, providing a complete beginner's guide. It covers creating variables, sending requests, handling errors, and integrating with other applications. The video also showcases how to deploy the chatbot on different platforms like websites and WhatsApp.

πŸ“š This video is a tutorial on how to build chatbots with AI for beginners.

πŸ”§ The video covers how to create a basic chatbot using intents and the AI model.

πŸ’‘ The tutorial also demonstrates advanced features like incident reporting and integrating with Google Sheets.

02:31:08 This video tutorial teaches viewers how to build chatbots and covers automation using an AI-powered platform. The tutorial includes setting up an account, creating a webhook, and sending data to a Google Sheet.

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02:54:28 This tutorial demonstrates how to build chatbots using AI technology and automate systems and processes for businesses. It also explains how to capture leads and extract information using a Google sheet.

πŸ€– The video is a tutorial on building chatbots using AI technology.

πŸ”§ The tutorial covers the process of creating chatbot ads and lead capture.

πŸ’Ό The video also explains how to start an AI automation agency to offer chatbot services to businesses.

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