In-depth tutorial on creating YouTube shorts in Ali Abdaal's style

Learn how to create YouTube shorts in Ali Abdaal's style. Covers script writing, editing, sound design, and setup. Includes breakdown of his popular short 'the halo effect'.

00:00:00 Learn how to create YouTube shorts in Ali Abdaal's style. Covers script writing, editing, sound design, and setup. Includes breakdown of his popular short 'the halo effect'. Tips on filming and editing like Ali. Use the halo effect to make a good first impression and avoid judging others based on one trait.

📹 Ali Abdaal creates YouTube shorts with a unique style.

💡 The video focuses on script writing, editing, sound design, and setup.

🎥 Ali's setup includes a minimalistic desk with plants and a keyboard, angled camera, and blurred background.

00:04:08 Learn how to create captivating shorts with this in-depth tutorial. Discover how to cut yourself out of your footage, create cool effects, and add transitions in After Effects.

🎥 The video is a tutorial on how to create shorts like Ali Abdaal.

✂️ The tutorial covers the process of cutting yourself out of footage using After Effects' Roto brush tool.

📃 The tutorial also explains how to create a paper tear effect using a black and white animation clip.

00:08:08 Learn how to create tear animation effects for your videos in Adobe After Effects. Adjust the tear's direction, speed, and position using keyframes and masks. Group and move multiple layers together for easy editing. Create a dynamic paper background with rotation and position movements.

📽️ The tutorial demonstrates how to create a tear animation effect on footage in After Effects.

✂️ The tear animation can be customized by adjusting keyframes, flipping the tear direction, and changing the speed.

📄 To create a paper background for the animation, a paper texture is imported and transformed using effects like invert or levels.

00:12:16 Learn how to create professional-looking shorts with a stop motion effect, elevate the style with a half-tone texture, and match Ali Abdaal's animation style.

📝 In this tutorial, we learn how to create stop motion effects in After Effects for YouTube shorts.

🎨 To achieve the style of Ali Abdaal, we use rotating and moving animations, half-tone textures, and smooth movement techniques.

✒️ Fonts like Monster app, Mum's typewriter, Tmarie Air, and Kamingo Code are recommended for creating similar graphics.

00:16:21 Learn how to create various visual effects in After Effects, including scaling, highlighting boxes, animating graphics, and tape unfolding.

📏 Keyframe scaling animation on text layer

🟠 Create an animated highlighting box effect

✏️ Draw on graphics using shape layers and keyframes

🔄 Use character spin-in animation with sound effects

📼 Create a tape unfolding effect with keyframe animation

00:20:30 Learn how to create dynamic shorts like Ali Abdaal with font effects, animations, and paper fold transitions. Enhance your videos with sound design and marimba music.

🎥 Animating graphics using keyframes to create a dynamic feel.

🔠 Using a font effect with individually flying letters and a white rectangle behind them.

🔄 Applying a turbulent displace effect and a stop-motion effect to create movement in graphics and text.

00:24:37 Learn how to make shorts in Ali Abdaal's style with this in-depth tutorial. Create subtitles, add captions, and improve your video editing skills. Also, discover the power of atomic habits for personal growth.

💡 You can use a transcript to create subtitles for your YouTube videos in Premiere Pro, saving time and effort.

📝 To add subtitles like Ali Abdaal, you can transcribe your video using the text panel in Premiere Pro and then create captions with specific settings.

🎨 To enhance the subtitles, you can change the font, add a rounded rectangle background, and fix any positioning or pacing issues.

🔧 After creating the subtitles, you can upgrade them to graphics and apply effects like drop shadow to make them visually appealing.

🏃 The video emphasizes the power of making small improvements in different areas of your life, as a 1% daily improvement can lead to significant results over time.

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