The Tale of the Princess and the Lost Princes

A princess embarks on a challenging journey to find her ten lost princes with the help of fairies, while facing betrayal and deception.

00:00:00 A king's ten sons are turned into birds and their sister goes on a journey to find them, facing challenges and receiving help from fairies along the way.

👑 There was a king with ten sons and one daughter, but their stepmother wanted to send the sons away.

🕊️ The stepmother used magic to turn the sons into birds, and they flew away to another country.

🌳 The daughter, Elisa, ran away to find her brothers and eventually reached their home near a great sea.

00:02:05 A young girl named Elisa goes on a journey to find her ten lost princes and encounters magical beings along the way.

👫 Elisa meets an old woman who offers her food and listens to her story.

🐦 The old woman suggests that the ten white birds with gold feet and jewel eyes may be the princes Elisa is looking for.

🏡 Elisa builds a small house and is visited by her brothers who tell her funny stories and give her encouragement.

00:04:18 A princess creates coats of gold flowers for her brothers, but she must not speak until they are finished. Can she complete the task?

🌼 The princess gathers gold flowers and makes coats for her brothers.

🤐 The princess is forbidden to speak until she finishes making the coats.

💔 The princess's brothers misunderstand her silence and think she is bewitched.

00:06:24 A silent love story unfolds as Elisa communicates with her eyes. The King's jealous brother plots against them. Can their love overcome adversity?

👑 Elisa's love interest asked her to be his queen, and she couldn't say no because she loved him.

🌺 Elisa and the king took the gold flowers and her work to his house, leaving her brothers sad.

🌙 The queen searched for more gold flowers in a place where dead animals were thrown, but had to wait for night to avoid judgment.

00:08:33 A queen is accused of bad magic and plotting to kill the king when her nightly flower gathering is discovered by the king's brother. A suspenseful tale of deception and betrayal.

👑 The queen is seen getting flowers at night when the king is away.

🌹 The king's brother, suspicious of the queen, accuses her of using the flowers for bad magic.

⚔️ The king's brother plans to kill the queen before the king returns.

00:10:39 A king encounters a white bird that leads him back to the city, while Elisa works with gold flowers. Birds create chaos and the queen arrives with gold coats.

🏰 The king sees a white bird and realizes it's a fairy from the Queen who wants him to return to the city.

🌟 The king and his men follow the white bird all night, while Elisa works with her gold flowers.

🔥 The people of the city gather in front of the King's house, and the white birds take some sticks but not all.

00:12:42 A king fights to save his queen, involving the people. Birds are transformed into princes. A powerful and beautiful story of love and loyalty.

👑 The king becomes angry when the people build a fire and the queen calls white birds to transform her brothers into princes.

👦 The people refuse to let the queen die, and a little boy speaks up with everyone else in agreement.

🐦 The queen uses white birds to transform her brothers while the king's brother is thrown from the city walls and never seen again.

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