Transitioning from SMMA to a Partnership-based Business Model

Discover why the speaker quit SMMA for a better business opportunity, focusing on faster growth, easier management, and higher-paying contracts.

00:00:00 In this video, the speaker discusses why they quit SMMA and introduces a new business opportunity. They highlight the disadvantages of SMMA and the advantages of the new business.

🎁 The video starts with the host offering a gift of 50 € to viewers as a way to thank them for watching and to commemorate their reunion.

💼 The host explains that he stopped doing SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) because he developed a new business that is better, requires no initial capital, and provides higher pay.

⚠️ The host discusses the negative aspects of SMMA, including feeling like an employee and not being valued for the expertise and services provided.

00:01:50 The speaker explains why they quit the SMMA business and shares their experience in a new business that allows them to make more money with less work.

💼 In the video, the speaker explains why they stopped doing SMMA and started a different business.

🤝 The speaker highlights the importance of delegating tasks and hiring employees to grow your business.

💰 They talk about the benefits of the new business, including the ability to make more money and have a better work-life balance.

00:03:43 In this video, the speaker discusses their decision to quit the SMMA business and pursue a better opportunity. They explain how they were hesitant to take on a new client due to personal reasons but ultimately decided to offer their services. Watch to find out more!

💼 The speaker had previously run a successful SMMA focused on e-commerce but was looking to quit due to negative aspects of managing people.

🤝 The speaker meets a potential client who owns a cosmetics brand and is in need of someone to handle their paid traffic campaigns on various platforms.

Initially, the speaker was not interested in taking on this new client but ultimately decides to make a proposition to maintain a good relationship.

00:05:18 The speaker stopped doing SMMA and proposed to become a business partner to ensure better results in the e-commerce system.

💼 I decided to position myself differently and become a business partner, having control over all aspects of my client's e-commerce system to ensure results.

🌐 Optimizing the e-commerce website is crucial for conversion and success, regardless of the amount spent on advertising.

🤝 My proposal to be a business partner was accepted because of its honesty and the desire to manage everything from A to Z for guaranteed success.

00:07:06 The speaker discusses their transition from an advertising agency to a business partner agency. They highlight the benefits of this new approach, including faster growth, easier management, and higher-paying contracts.

💼 I transitioned from running a social media marketing agency (SMMA) to a business partnership agency.

💰 I charged my first client 10,000 euros for startup fees, a monthly package, and a percentage of generated revenue.

📈 With a different positioning, my business partnership agency grew faster than a traditional SMMA.

00:08:55 The speaker initially specialized in e-commerce businesses but recently opened up to other niches. They explain the advantages of a partnership-based business model in which they generate leads for companies and receive a percentage of the revenue generated.

💼 Specializing in a niche can be beneficial, but it doesn't limit your ability to work with clients in other industries.

🔝 The partner business model allows for a more collaborative and equal relationship with clients, leading to better results.

💰 Starting a business in this field requires minimal capital, only a computer, internet, and knowledge.

00:10:52 A groundbreaking approach to business partnerships that allows anyone to earn significant income without large capital. Position yourself as an industry pioneer and sign lucrative contracts to achieve financial success.

💼 Positioning yourself as a business partner rather than using SMMA is a revolutionary approach that can lead to significant earnings.

💰 Unlike dropshipping, starting a business as a business partner does not require a large capital investment.

📝 By meeting the vital needs of businesses, you can secure numerous contracts and achieve success as a business partner.

00:12:39 In this video, the speaker shares about the importance of e-commerce businesses in Q4 and encourages viewers to leverage their skills. They also provide a link for faster communication.

📈 Q4 is the most profitable period for e-commerce and traditional businesses.

💼 Companies in Q4 are in need of your skills.

🎥 A Telegram channel is available for questions and updates.

Summary of a video "J'AI ARRÊTÉ LE SMMA... POUR UN MEILLEUR BUSINESS !" by Karim Cherifi on YouTube.

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