Export Market Evaluation and Selection: Key Factors and Strategies

Video discussing how to evaluate and select export markets by identifying opportunities, analyzing competition, considering transportation and trade agreements, and gathering market information.

00:00:00 Evaluate and select your export market by identifying market opportunities, analyzing competition, considering transportation availability and costs, assessing trade agreements, and gathering detailed information about the target market.

📌 The process of evaluating and selecting an export market involves considering external pressures and the availability of resources.

🌍 Selecting a target market involves researching opportunities, competition, transportation, trade agreements, and detailed information about the market segment.

ℹ️ Access to information and understanding market dynamics is crucial in evaluating market opportunities, such as trends and potential threats or opportunities resulting from crises.

00:13:22 Luis Méndez discusses the importance of understanding the cultural differences and business practices of target export markets. He emphasizes the need for market research and specialization in a few key products to be successful in international trade.

💼 When engaging in business with other countries, it's important to understand their cultural differences, negotiation styles, and business practices.

🌎 Exporting should be approached from the outside in, considering factors such as geography, economic and political conditions, consumer behavior, and distribution channels.

🆕 It is crucial to have comprehensive knowledge of the target market and become an expert in the specific industry before entering the export business.

00:26:43 Evaluate and select export market based on consumer demand, market growth, and environmental sustainability. Consider diversifying markets and improving logistics infrastructure to reduce export costs.

There is a growing demand for avocados due to their health benefits and sustainability.

China's increasing consumption of avocados can lead to a global avocado shortage.

Peru is working on improving its logistics infrastructure to reduce export costs and increase competitiveness.

00:40:05 Evaluate and select export markets, focusing on prioritized products for each region in Peru. Emphasize direct collaboration with producers for quality control and develop strategies based on comparative advantages in mining and agroexports.

⭐️ Evaluating and selecting export markets can lead to economic growth and reduced distribution costs.

📈 Focusing on specific products and regions can drive export development and create sustainable growth.

🌍 Peru has opportunities for export in traditional and non-traditional sectors, with potential markets in China, the US, and the EU.

00:53:29 Evaluate and select export market, focusing on formality and technical requirements. Harness Peru's agricultural potential and prioritize sustainable production for global market trends.

🌍 If you want to enter the export sector, you must be formal and follow the rules and regulations.

📈 There is a potential for agricultural development in Peru, especially in regions with a large land area.

🌱 It is important to prioritize sustainable and environmentally-friendly production practices to meet global standards.

01:06:51 In this video, Luis Méndez discusses the importance of evaluating and selecting export markets. He highlights the rise of robotics and the need for countries to focus on their own technology. He suggests that Latin America should prioritize intra-regional trade and establish a competitive structure within the region. He also emphasizes the role of infrastructure and the challenges of navigating trade agreements. The video concludes with a discussion on the potential of organic production and the importance of meeting market demand with the right certifications.

🌍 The world is experiencing a shift in manufacturing and technology, with countries focusing on their own technology and industries.

🌐 There is a growing trend towards regional trade, as countries form economic blocs and prioritize intra-regional commerce.

💼 Latin America should focus on integrating and prioritizing intra-regional trade to remain competitive, especially in the face of changing global market dynamics.

01:20:14 Evaluate and select export markets for your product. Consider factors such as market demand, product regulations, and transportation. Market trends and opportunities play a crucial role in choosing the right market.

🌍 Exporting products to specific markets requires evaluating existing trade relationships and finding an agent to classify the product and determine the tariff code.

📚 For certain products, such as fish, it is crucial to establish traceability and meet the requirements set by regulatory authorities.

💼 Choosing the right market for export depends on factors like product demand, transportation times, and the growth of the market.

Summary of a video "¿Cómo evaluar y seleccionar mi mercado de exportación?: MÉNDEZ, Luis (11 de Marzo)" by Promperú Oficial on YouTube.

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