Engineering Buildings: The Fascinating World of Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering: learning how to design, appreciate, and solve building-related issues. Diverse job opportunities and highly desired by employers.

00:00:00 Architectural engineering is the coolest engineering. You learn how to read and appreciate buildings, from structure to lighting. Highly desired by employers.

🏢 Architectural engineering involves the study of building structures, mechanical systems, indoor air quality, and lighting distribution.

📚 The breadth of knowledge in architectural engineering is highly valued by employers and there are only a few programs in the country.

🎓 At CU, students can earn a bachelor's degree in architectural engineering and start with foundational math and science courses.

00:01:04 Architectural engineering students apply math and science to design buildings. They participate in interdisciplinary teams to design buildings and can contribute to global projects.

🏗️ Architectural engineering students apply math and science to building design.

📚 Students take specialized courses and participate in a capstone design course.

💼 Graduates have opportunities to join student organizations and work on global projects.

00:02:05 Architectural engineers have diverse job opportunities, from design and construction oversight to forensic engineering. They are problem solvers specializing in building-related issues.

🏢 Architectural engineers have a wide range of job opportunities, including designing and building new buildings, overseeing construction, and working in forensic engineering.

🔍 Forensic engineering is like a CSI for buildings, where engineers investigate failures and provide testimony in court.

🧩 Architectural engineers are problem solvers who specialize in solving building-related problems.

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