Passion and Entrepreneurship: Karin Abensur's Journey in Sustainable Fishing

An interview with Karin Abensur about her passion for fishing, entrepreneurship, and promoting sustainable fishing.

00:00:00 An interview with Karin Abensur about her passion for fishing and her decision to pursue a career in the field.

⚽️ Started playing soccer as a child but became interested in fishing by chance.

🎣 Accompanied a fisherman out of curiosity and was inspired by his happiness and livelihood.

🌊 Decided to pursue a career related to fishing and found a university that aligned with her passion.

00:01:53 Interview with Karin Abensur for Pesca Responsable magazine. Karin studied fishery engineering, worked in her family's business, but decided to take a risk and start her own entrepreneurship. She won a production decrease contest and now aims to innovate in fish cuts.

💡 The interviewee initially studied marine engineering but realized it wasn't her passion, so she took a risk and started participating in entrepreneurship competitions.

🌊 She learned how to fish and work on the sea, facing challenges like sexism and the difficulty of the job, but she persevered and gained recognition for her fish fillet product.

🎣 Now, with a new grant, she plans to innovate in fish cutting techniques and expand her commercialization chain.

00:03:48 Interview with Karin Abensur about the changes in artisanal fishing and the use of electronic navigation for responsible and sustainable fishing.

🎣 The interviewee has been practicing artisanal fishing since 2002 and has noticed changes in the fishing industry.

🐟 Due to an increase in sea lions, there is now greater competition for fish and a decrease in the overall volume of catch.

🧭 To adapt to these changes, the interviewee started using electronic navigation tools, such as GPS and fish finders, to enhance fishing efficiency and sustainability.

00:05:54 Interview with Karin Abensur for the Responsible Fishing magazine. Karin discusses her efforts to empower women in the fishing industry and improve the quality of fish products.

🎣 The interview is about Karin Abensur's experience in the fishing industry.

🔪 Karin Abensur works with a committee to ensure the quality of her fish products.

💼 She empowers women in the industry through training programs and higher value presentations.

00:07:53 Interview with Karin Abensur for Pesca Responsable magazine. She discusses her fish distribution business in Lima and how she takes orders through her fan page and WhatsApp.

🎣 The interview is about the fishing industry in Lima and the distribution of fish to different districts.

💼 The interviewee started selling fish in 2016 to 20 families and currently serves around 40-50 families on a weekly basis.

📞 Orders are placed through the interviewee's fan page, and communication is done via WhatsApp. The weekly production is approximately 40 kilos of fish for around 50 clients.

00:09:55 Interview with Karin Abensur for Pesca Responsable magazine. Discusses the challenges of promoting sustainable fishing and changing people's perception of fish color and flavor.

Karin Abensur discusses the importance of sustainable fishing and her efforts to offer species of fish with less flavor and white meat.

She emphasizes the challenge of changing people's mindset about the color of fish meat and highlights the popularity of white meat species like gavina and perico.

Karin Abensur aims to target her audience through eco fairs and believes in the potential of promoting artisanal fishing in Peru with added value in terms of different cuts or products.

00:11:47 An interview with Karin Abensur about responsible fishing and the empowerment of artisanal fishermen and women.

🌊 Encouragement for artisanal fishermen to unite and create an appealing product for nearby beaches.

🤝 Importance of collaboration and organization among fishermen to make a positive impact.

💪 Recognizing the strength and potential of artisanal fishermen to make improvements and surpass challenges.

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