Efficient and Affordable Aircraft Inspections in Mexico's Market

Daereo Technologies develops drone inspection system to reduce aircraft inspection time and cost by 50% in Mexico's $20M market. Seeking $800k investment.

00:00:04 Daereo Technologies has developed a drone inspection system that reduces aircraft inspection time and cost by 50%.

✈️🔍 Daereo Technologies has developed a drone inspection system for airplanes, reducing inspection time and costs by 50%.

🛫 Traditional visual inspection of airplanes is time-consuming and expensive, requiring around 160 hours and $50,000 per inspection.

🤖💻 Daereo's autonomous drone captures images that are processed using advanced algorithms to detect and analyze issues.

00:01:36 Daereo Technologies is developing technology for inspecting aircraft fuselages in Mexico, with a projected market of $20 million. They detected 500 defects in 10 planes using their algorithm. Seeking $800k investment for validation.

🛫 Daereo Technologies offers safe flight inspections.

🔎 They have analyzed the potential market in Mexico and project growth in the next five years.

💰 They are requesting investment to develop and validate their technology.

00:03:09 A company called Daereo Technologies offers cost-effective airplane inspections using drones. They provide training and software licensing options for airlines.

💼 Daereo Technologies offers a cost-effective solution for airplane inspections.

🔍 Their model involves the use of drones and digitalization to deliver detailed inspection reports.

💰 The pricing options include a license fee per aircraft that covers multiple inspections.

00:04:42 Daereo Technologies uses a drone with image processing software to detect aircraft defects, targeting a $20 million market in Mexico by 2024.

🔎 Daereo Technologies uses a drone algorithm to capture and analyze images of airplane fuselages for defect detection.

🛫 Daereo Technologies targets a niche market in the aviation industry and has developed a business model to optimize their services.

💰 Daereo Technologies estimates the market value in Mexico to be $20 million by 2029 and seeks an initial investment of $2 million.

00:06:15 A pitch for safe flights using Daereo Technologies inspection technology in Shark Tank Mexico. Investors were skeptical of the business and its potential for growth.

🛫 Daereo Technologies offers secure flights with their inspection technology.

🔎 The startup has a strong market potential in the airline industry.

The expert feels that they cannot add value to the specialized and niche industry, so they decide not to invest.

00:07:46 Safe flights with Daereo Technologies inspection. Lack of ambition and turbulence in their presentation. Investors feel they don't believe in the market potential. They're out.

🛫 Daereo Technologies provides safe flights with their inspection technology.

🔎 The presenter feels that the pitch lacked ambition and confidence, leading to a lack of interest from potential investors.

The expert and other investors decide not to invest, citing a lack of expertise in the area and high risk.

00:09:20 Daereo Technologies provides secure flights with their inspection technology. Despite risks in the aerospace industry, they have confidence in their functional technology.

🛫 Daereo Technologies provides safe flights through their inspection technology.

🔎 The company aims to capture a larger market share to expand their growth.

Despite the risks in the agro-aerospace industry, Daereo Technologies is confident in their ability to develop functional technology.

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