Stories of Terror: The Haunting of the Upstairs Floor

A collection of chilling tales about paranormal encounters and hauntings, including a mysterious figure with glowing eyes.

00:00:04 A chilling tale of a mysterious figure with glowing eyes and open mouth entering a dark room. The narrator shares a childhood experience with the paranormal.

👻 The narrator experienced a paranormal encounter with a person or entity in the dark, with glowing eyes and teeth.

🌙 The narrator shares their interest in paranormal stories and their belief that such encounters may be more than just attempts to scare.

🏠 The paranormal experience did not happen in the narrator's grandparents' house or parents' house, but at their friend's house with his grandmother and great-grandmother present.

00:03:01 A terrifying encounter with a strange figure in the middle of the night leaves two friends paralyzed with fear.

👻 A family of only children plays video games and watches a horror movie with their grandmother and great-grandmother in the room.

😱 In the middle of the night, the narrator sees the great-grandmother enter the room and do something strange to Chuy, causing fear and confusion.

🚪 Later, they hear the grandmother leave her room in a rush, leading to further investigation.

00:05:57 A spooky encounter in a haunted house leads to a shocking revelation. A personal story of fear and the supernatural.

👻 The story involves experiences with a ghost.

🏢 The narrator moved to a city known for its high crime rate and had to leave his family behind.

💀 The narrator's grandmother passed away and strange occurrences happened afterwards.

00:08:53 A group of tenants in a two-story building experience unsettling encounters with a mysterious figure and a ghostly presence.

👻 There were a few tenants living in a two-story building.

💧 During a stormy night, the protagonist noticed a face peering through the window, which was unusual.

👵 Later, the protagonist encountered a ghostly figure of an old woman in their room.

00:11:49 A man experiences strange happenings in his apartment and learns about a haunting past. He moves out with his family, but later discovers a shocking secret.

👻 I started hearing strange noises and encounters in my apartment building.

😱 My upstairs neighbors were causing disruptions and claimed that they were scaring me too.

🏨 The owner of the pension where I lived was found dead, causing the place to become strangely calm.

00:14:48 A collection of terrifying stories, including encounters with paranormal activity and a mysterious lady. The narrator shares their own spooky experiences, including hearing strange sounds at night.

👻 The narrator lived in a haunted apartment and experienced a paranormal encounter.

📴 Others stopped living in the haunted apartment, possibly due to the presence of a ghostly figure.

😱 The narrator felt a terrifying chill whenever the figure approached them in the middle of the night.

00:17:44 A chilling tale about a strange pet and eerie noises at night that leaves the narrator feeling scared and relieved to finally share their story.

👻 There is a strange presence in the room next door that the narrator cannot explain.

😱 Their pet dog behaves oddly and is found sleeping in the parents' room.

😨 The narrator experiences sleep disturbances and hears footsteps on the roof.

Summary of a video "EL FANTASMA DEL PISO DE ARRIBA Y OTROS RELATOS DE TERROR" by Relatos de la Noche on YouTube.

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