Bangkit 2023 H2 - Student Team Meeting 2

The speaker discusses the progress recap of the Bangkit 2023 student team and the requirements for the second monthly milestone.

00:00:17 The Bangkit 2023 H2 student team meeting introduces the growth mindset challenge, requiring students to create a video on personal branding. Valid feedback criteria are also discussed.

πŸ“‹ This video is a student team meeting for the Bangkit 2023 program.

πŸ† The first challenge for the students is the growth mindset challenge, where they need to create a video demonstrating their understanding of growth mindset.

πŸ“ The importance of valid feedback and the criteria for submitting valid feedback are discussed.

00:12:30 In this team meeting, the speaker reminds everyone to fill out the feedback form and emphasizes the importance of providing relevant comments. They also discuss the goals of the English session and encourage active participation. The speaker congratulates the progress on the cap project preparations and reminds everyone about the upcoming cap briefing. They also mention the company cap expos and the deadline for registration. The next cap briefing will cover project planning and mentoring preparation.

πŸ“ Completing the feedback form is important and automatic reminders will be sent.

πŸ“§ Check your email for a copy of your session feedback.

⭐ Giving relevant feedback and ratings is crucial for improving the program.

πŸ—£οΈ Active participation in English sessions is encouraged to improve conversational skills.

πŸ’Ό Information and deadlines for participating in cap projects are provided.

00:24:43 Summary: In this video, the speaker discusses the progress recap of the Bangkit 2023 student team, the requirements for the second monthly milestone, and the consequences of plagiarism.

πŸ“š Most of the students are ahead of schedule in their progress recap.

πŸ† Congratulations to the students who achieved the first monthly milestone reward.

❗️ Plagiarism is a serious concern and students are reminded not to copy or use others' work without proper attribution.

00:36:57 Avoid plagiarism and follow the code of conduct in Bangkit. Plagiarism can lead to account suspension and hinder learning progress. Students should not rely on outside resources and seek help from mentors. Adhere to the code of conduct to have a successful learning journey.

βœ… Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and can result in account freezing and learning progress reset.

🚫 Avoid taking shortcuts or using external resources that violate the learning platform's rules.

πŸ›‘ If accused of plagiarism, follow the standard operating procedures for appeal and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

πŸ”„ If caught in plagiarism, start fresh with new submissions and do not rely on prior code or external resources.

πŸ”’ Adhere to the code of conduct and community rules to maintain a positive learning environment.

00:49:15 The video discusses important points for Bangkit 2023 H2 students, including being selective in receiving information and verifying its source, participating in the skill challenge, avoiding plagiarism, attending capstone briefings, and providing timely feedback.

πŸ”‘ There is a Sof skill challenge with exciting rewards for the top participants.

⚠️ Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and violators may face expulsion from the program.

πŸ“… There will be a mandatory capstone briefing covering project-related topics.

01:01:28 Bangkit 2023 H2 - Student Team Meeting 2: Topics discussed include plagiarism checking, using Stack Overflow for code errors, logbook submission deadlines, language choice in videos, and earning rewards in Bangkit.

πŸ”‘ Plagiarism check in coding allows us to detect plagiarized code lines and determine the percentage of plagiarism.

❓ It is permissible to ask questions on coding forums like Stack Overflow, but copying and pasting more than 50% of the code is not allowed.

πŸ“ To ensure timely review and approval of logbooks by mentors, it is important to submit them before each week's deadline.

🎁 To earn Bangkit points for rewards, students can participate in various activities such as challenges, class activities, and monthly milestones.

🌟 Studying the rewards guidelines and optimizing point-earning activities is crucial to receive rewards at the end of the program.

01:13:43 This video is a student team meeting where they discuss various topics, including feedback submission, capstone project rejection, and the inspiring story of a student overcoming challenges to become a tech talent.

πŸ’‘ Submitting feedback within 24 hours is valid, but avoid resubmitting the form.

πŸ€” If the capstone company rejects the team, they can adapt their project idea to fit other types of capstone projects.

🌟 Muhammad Rizal's inspiring journey from a less privileged background to becoming a successful tech talent.

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