Tragedy at Iraqi Wedding: New Video Exposes Horrifying Fire Incident

Shocking video reveals fatal fire at Iraqi wedding, leaving 114 dead. Overcrowding and lack of safety measures contribute to tragedy.

00:00:00 New shocking video revealed of a fatal fire at a wedding in Iraq, which resulted in 114 deaths. The wedding lacked safety measures, and the footage shows people desperately trying to escape.

💔 A tragic wedding fire in Iraq left 114 people dead. The wedding lacked safety measures, resulting in a devastating incident.

🔥 Newly revealed footage shows the horrifying moments of the fire at the wedding, resembling a movie scene.

🎥 The tragedy was a result of negligence, as the wedding ceremony took place without any security measures.

00:01:03 Tragic fire kills 114 people at a wedding in Iraq. Video footage reveals the horrifying incident, with overcrowding and flammable materials contributing to the high death toll. Surviving couple shares heartbreaking testimony.

🔥 The video reveals an unprecedented fire incident during a wedding ceremony in Iraq that resulted in 114 casualties.

🚩 The venue was overcrowded, with 700 people instead of the capacity of 400, leading to the rapid consumption of highly flammable materials.

😢 Despite initial reports of the couple being victims, they survived the tragedy, but expressed profound emotional devastation.

00:02:06 Tragedy strikes at a wedding in Iraq, leaving 114 dead and 500 severely injured. The government declares national mourning and launches investigations into the cause.

📺 A tragic fire at a wedding in Iraq resulted in the death of 114 people and injured 500 others.

🔥 The incident led to a national mourning and investigations were initiated to determine the cause of the fire.

👥 Not only did the guests perish in the fire, but also the mother of the groom.

Summary of a video "Fatal boda en Irak: revelan inédito video del incendio que dejó 114 muertos | 24 Horas TVN Chile" by 24 Horas - TVN Chile on YouTube.

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