Resolving Mapping Failures in DIS - Informatica Tutorial

This video explains two ways of running mappings in Informatica, either as a part of a workflow or as a separate process. It also discusses common scenarios of mapping failure, troubleshooting steps, and how to analyze and resolve mapping failures in DIS.

00:00:01 Anusha explains how mapping failures on DIS can be resolved by running mappings as independent mappings or deploying them as applications.

Mappings on DIS can be run in different ways: as an independent mapping or as a deployed mapping.

Independent mappings can be run directly from the developer tool, while deployed mappings are run through the command line using MS run mapping command.

Deployed mappings cannot be initiated directly from client tools like developer or informatica administrator.

00:01:22 Summary: This video explains two ways of running mappings in Informatica, either as a part of a workflow or as a separate process. Each method has its advantages and considerations.

🗺️ There are three ways to run a mapping: standalone, as a part of a workflow, or in a data integration service process.

🔁 Mappings can be run as tasks under a workflow, initiated from the administrator or through command line.

💥 If a mapping encounters a fatal error while running in the data integration service process, it may cause a crash.

00:02:42 This video explains how mappings are executed on DIS, including how to control the behavior and troubleshoot mapping failures.

🔍 Mappings on DIS are executed by PMD TM s and can be controlled using the pillow property on the ayahs.

📝 Mapping failures are recorded in the mapping logs, and the status of the mapping is updated in the Dia's.

📂 Logs for different types of mappings on DIS are generated in separate folders with specific prefixes.

00:04:08 This video discusses common scenarios of mapping failure in Informatica, including checking for mapping locks and identifying mapping crash logs. It also mentions how to enable core creation on the Informatica server.

🗺️ Mapping tasks in the data integration service create logs in a directory called mapping tasks under logs services.

❌ When a mapping crashes, user-friendly messages are not displayed in the mapping log.

💥 A core file is generated in the Tomcat bin directory on the informatica server when a mapping crashes.

00:05:28 Learn how to create a crash dump for mapping failures in DIS and provide necessary information for analysis.

🔍 To check if core creation is enabled, log in as the user who started informatica services and verify the core file size.

💾 Set the core file size to unlimited or a high value to ensure a maximum core file size is created.

🖥️ On Windows machines, manually create a crash dump using the Microsoft freeware called Debug Diag.

00:06:52 This video explains how to analyze and resolve mapping failures in DIS. It demonstrates checking logs for a simple readwrite mapping that failed.

💡 Mapping failures can be analyzed by Informatica Global Customer Support for further investigation.

🔍 To troubleshoot mapping failures, check the mapping logs in the specified directories and the D is log.

❌ In the example of a simple readwrite mapping, the mapping failed due to a specific error.

00:08:13 Explore a troubleshooting process for a mapping failure in DIS, including checking for library loading issues and consulting the Informatica Knowledgebase. Contact local customer support for further assistance.

🧩 The error is related to loading libraries in Informatica.

🔎 Search the Informatica knowledgebase for relevant information on the error message.

📝 Provide the mapping log and error message highlighter for assistance with troubleshooting.

Summary of a video "Mapping Failure on DIS" by Informatica Support on YouTube.

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