AGI Challenges and the Importance of Governance for a Positive Future.

CEO discusses challenges of AGI and need to control it. Impact of OpenAI's language model. Importance of governance and regulation in shaping positive future.

00:00:01 A CEO discusses the challenges of creating AGI and the need to control it. The speaker reflects on their journey and the impact of OpenAI's language model, GPT-2.

🧠 The speaker's interest in solving world problems led them to focus on artificial general intelligence (AGI) and the ability to solve complex problems.

⚙️ The main challenge with AGI is not building it, but rather controlling it, as a system smarter than humans could pose significant risks if not properly managed.

📚 The speaker dedicated their career to addressing the problem of controlling AGI, starting their journey in 2014 and being profoundly affected by the development of generative pre-trained Transformer 2 (gbt2).

00:03:44 AGI in sight: The CEO of Conjecture reflects on the emergence of general intelligence and its potential impact on human history and society.

🤖 GPT2 showed a beginning of generality in AI systems, where it could learn new patterns and skills without human intervention.

🧠 The development of AGI, or strong general intelligence, would be a historic event that surpasses human intelligence and changes everything.

🌍 The existence of intelligent non-human species on Earth would have significant societal and economic implications.

00:07:28 The risk of AGI comes from humans rushing to develop technology without knowing how to control and understand it. Building controllable and aligned AI systems is a challenge.

🤖 AI systems are intelligent but lack emotions or care for humans.

🔒 The challenge lies in making AI systems controllable and aligned with human values.

🌍 The responsibility of building and controlling AI technology falls on humanity.

00:11:12 Technologists must remember that they are the ones writing the story, not technology. The rapid advancement of AI poses risks, but humanity has the power to change it.

🌍 Humanity's technological advancements have led to the development of powerful AI systems with potential for harm.

🛑 There is an urgent need to regulate and prioritize safety in the development of AI.

👥 The responsibility lies with technologists, governments, and the general population to shape the future of AI.

00:14:55 In his talk at the AI & DeepTech Summit, Connor Leahy, CEO of Conjecture, emphasizes the importance of taking control of AI technology to shape a positive future. He highlights the need for governance, regulation, and careful stewardship to harness the potential of AI while mitigating risks. By addressing both societal and technical challenges, we can create alignment between AI models and human intentions.

💡 We have the choice to take control of our technology and shape the future in a positive way.

💭 The speaker emphasizes the importance of building institutions and governance to ensure careful stewardship of powerful technology.

🌍 There are significant risks associated with advanced autonomous systems, but there is also vast potential in harnessing other forms of technology.

00:18:37 Connor Leahy, CEO of Conjecture, discusses the challenges of aligning human and AI values and the need for international cooperation to govern advanced AI systems. He proposes centralizing control over dangerous AI systems and regulating computing power to ensure safety.

🌍 Building a society that aligns AI with humans and prevents misuse

🔒 Controlling and understanding AI systems to handle downside risks

⚖️ Centralizing control over advanced AI systems to an international governing body

00:22:22 AGI safety is crucial for the future of AI. Building AGI with a strong focus on safety is the bottleneck for a positive outcome.

📚 Building safety measures is crucial in creating AGI.

🔑 Control is a fundamental challenge in AI development.

⚠️ Collaboration and international governance are necessary to address the risks of AI.

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