Flowise OpenAI Function Calling: Fetching Current and Reliable Information for ChatGPT

Learn how to use OpenAI function calling to provide current and up-to-date information to ChatGPT.

00:00:01 Learn how to use OpenAI function calling to provide current and up-to-date information to ChatGPT. Install Flowise, explore tools, and write custom functions for fetching fresh API data.

👉 OpenAI function calling enables chat GPT to access current and up-to-date information.

🔍 Using function calling, chat GPT can fetch fresh API data for real-time updates.

🛠️ Flowise provides tools and customizations to enhance the functionality of chat GPT.

00:01:37 Using OpenAI agent and custom tools, we create a flow to fetch data from other APIs. We add tools for IP address location and weather. Ready to implement first custom tool.

🔍 Flowise OpenAI function calling allows the use of JavaScript functions with specified arguments.

🔧 The OpenAI agent is used to select and customize custom tools in the chat flow.

🌍 The video demonstrates the implementation of custom tools for obtaining the location of an IP address and the weather in a location.

00:03:13 Implementing a function to fetch the current location of an IP address using a free API called Koip.

🔍 The video discusses the allocation of IP addresses and the need for a function to fetch the current location of an IP address.

🔗 Rapid API is introduced as a platform that provides various APIs in different categories, including free and popular ones.

🌍 A specific API called 'Free KOIP' is chosen as a solution to retrieve the location information of an IP address.

00:04:53 Integrate the Flowise OpenAI function with the API in our code snippet using node.js and Fetch. Configure the required parameter IP and return the API result.

🌍 The video discusses how to integrate the Flowise OpenAI API into our code to retrieve country code, city, latitude, longitude, and other information by configuring the required parameter IP.

💻 To use the API, we choose the Fetch approach in node.js and make adjustments in the JavaScript function box, replacing the hard-coded IP with the referenced parameter, and returning the API's result.

🔗 The final script with the changes can be found on a GitHub gist, accessible through the provided link.

00:06:30 This video demonstrates how to call the Flowise OpenAI function that returns the current weather information of a chosen location using latitude and longitude parameters.

📍 The function allows us to get the current weather of a chosen location based on latitude and longitude.

🔗 Parameters for latitude and longitude are required to retrieve the weather information.

🌍 By modifying the URL with the latitude and longitude parameters, we can create a dynamic URL string.

00:08:07 Flowise OpenAI function calling: Improving function tool, debugging with API calls, connecting dots, testing application, DNS lookup for nearest server, and retrieving weather information.

📝 The final script is provided in a GitHub gist for better debugging.

⚙️ Configurations are made for using Flowise OpenAI function calling.

🌍 A DNS lookup is used to find the nearest server of Wikipedia in a specific location.

00:09:43 Learn how to use function calling in AI businesses to gain control over data and minimize hallucination of AI models. Weather information in Amsterdam and GDPR question answered directly.

💡 The video discusses the use of custom functions in the Flowise OpenAI platform.

💻 It highlights the usage of the one-time rip function and weather function in a specific scenario.

🔒 The importance of utilizing function calling to gain control over data and minimize errors is emphasized.

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