Muhammad's Family History and Miraculous Birth

Prophet Muhammad's family background, birth of his son Shayba, and the miraculous events that led to his birth and protection of Makkah.

00:00:00 Prophet Muhammad's family background and the generosity of his great grandfather Hashim. His connection with Yemen and Syria, and the birth of his son Shayba.

Prophet Muhammad's family tree started with Prophet Ibrahim through Ismail.

Hashim, Muhammad's great-grandfather, was respected and generous, known for taking care of people and distributing food.

Hashim was a successful businessman who traveled to Yemen and Syria for trade and had strong connections with these countries.

00:01:43 Abdul Muttalib discovers the lost Zamzam well with the help of a dream and his son, bringing back the miracle water. Quraysh's new leader.

👨‍👦‍👦 Abdul Muttalib, the brother of Hashim, brings his brother's wife and son to Makkah.

🌊 The miracle water of the Zamzam well, lost for many years, is rediscovered by Abdul Muttalib.

⛏️ Abdul Muttalib and his son dig the location of the Zamzam well and find the miracle water.

00:03:24 Abdul Muttalib's promise to sacrifice his son to Allah is fulfilled through a lottery, sparing the prophet's father. Abdullah, married to Amina, dies before the birth of their son Mohammed.

👪 Abdul Muttalib promised to sacrifice one of his sons to Allah (swt) and his youngest son Abdullah was chosen.

🐫 Abdul Muttalib tried to sacrifice one hundred camels instead of Abdullah, but Allah (swt) chose the camels each time.

🤰 Mohammed (pbuh)'s mother Amina became pregnant after Abdullah's death.

00:05:11 At a young age, Muhammad's father couldn't see him, but knew his wife was pregnant. The people of Makkah faced a threat from Abraha's army, but Abdul Muttalib's faith in Allah led them to safety.

🏔️ Abdul Muttalib instructed the people of Makkah to hide at the mountain tops to protect themselves from Abraha's army.

🐘 Abraha had a large army with 13 elephants, including one that he used for himself.

🕌 The people of Makkah had faith that the house of Allah would be saved in a miraculous way.

00:06:57 Allah sent birds with stones to destroy Abraha's army and protect the Kabah. This miracle warned powerful empires not to attack Makkah and welcomed Prophet Muhammed's birth.

🐘 Allah (swt) saved the Kabah from an attack by Abraha’s Army using a miracle

🐦 Allah (swt) sent birds with stones to kill Abraha’s men

⚔️ The miracle was a warning to powerful empires not to attack Makkah and a sign of Prophet Muhammad's (saw) protection of Allah (swt)'s house

00:08:39 This video discusses the controversy surrounding the birth date of Prophet Muhammad (s), highlighting the different perspectives and emphasizing that Allah (swt) knows best.

📅 There is a debate about the exact birthdate of Prophet Muhammad (s). Some scholars believe it is 12 Rabi al Awwal in the year 570, while others consider 9th Rabi al Awwal in the year 571 to be more accurate.

📆 It is important to note that Rabi al Awwal is an Arabic month from the Arabic calendar, and the year 571 is from the Christian calendar.

🗓️ Ultimately, only Allah (swt) knows the true and correct birthdate of Muhammad (s).

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