The Early Life of Muhammad: Blessings, Miracles, and Prophethood

Muhammad's childhood, blessings, miracles and prophethood witnessed by a priest, sent back to Makkah for safety.

00:00:00 Muhammad's childhood, his name and circumcision, living with a babysitter, and being chosen by Halema to be taken care of.

👶 Muhammad's childhood and his unique name.

🍼 The tradition of letting newborn babies live with babysitters in the desert.

👪 Halema and her husband being chosen to take care of baby Muhammad.

00:02:04 A poor family refuses to take care of rich people's children but end up taking in Muhammad (pbuh) whose presence brings blessings and abundance to their lives.

👶 Muhammad (pbuh) was taken in by Halema when she couldn't find any rich people's children.

🥛 Halema and her family were blessed by Allah (swt) and their animals started giving lots of milk.

🍼 Halema breastfed Muhammad (pbuh) until he was two years old.

00:04:10 Muhammed was playing when angel Gabriel came and performed a miraculous act to protect him. Later, he returned to his mother in Makkah.

👦 Muhammed (pbuh) was playing with children when angel Jibreel appeared and opened his chest.

❤️ Muhammed (pbuh) returned to his mother Amina in Makkah and received her love for two years.

👪 Muhammed (pbuh) and his family embarked on a journey to Madina.

00:06:14 Muhammad (pbuh) loses his mother and grandfather, becoming an orphan. His uncle Abu Talib takes care of him. Muhammad (pbuh) shows early miracles.

Muhammad (pbuh) experienced the loss of his mother and grandfather, leaving him as an orphan.

😢 Despite his hardships, Muhammad (pbuh) found support and love from his Uncle Abu Talib.

🌧️ Muhammad (pbuh) performed a miracle by bringing rain during a long dry season.

00:08:18 Muhammad (s) prays for rain during a food shortage and miraculously brings heavy rain. As a child, signs of his future prophethood are witnessed by a Priest in Syria.

🌧️ Due to a drought, Abu Talib took Muhammad (s) to pray for rain at the Kabah, resulting in a heavy downpour and the end of the food shortage.

🌳 During a business trip to Syria, a priest witnessed trees and stones bending down in honor of Muhammad (s), recognizing him as a future prophet.

00:10:21 A boy is predicted to be a prophet and bring kindness to all people. His uncle sends him back to Makkah for safety.

👦🏽 Muhammad (s) was identified as a future prophet at a young age.

📜 The identification was based on knowledge from the Bible and the presence of the seal of prophet hood.

🧳 Abu Talib sent Muhammad (s) back to Makkah for safety.

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