From Janitor to Collaborator: The Cinematography Journey of Greig Fraser

Cinematographer Greig Fraser shares his journey from janitor to collaborator, balancing technical knowledge and artistic vision, and the challenges of the Hollywood system. Excitement for The Batman.

00:00:00 In this episode, guest Greig Fraser talks about his journey as a cinematographer, from starting out as a janitor to collaborating with directors and discovering his passion for cinematography.

🎥 The speaker, Greg Fraser, grew up in Melbourne, Australia and initially pursued photography but found it to be a solitary profession.

🎬 He then joined a film production company called Exit Films and discovered his passion for cinematography and the collaborative nature of film making.

💡 Through his work as a cinematographer, Greg Fraser learned the importance of teamwork and the ability to elevate each other's ideas to create better results.

00:09:47 Cinematographer Greig Fraser discusses the balance between technical knowledge and artistic vision in filmmaking and the importance of using the right tools for each project.

🎥 The cinematographer emphasizes the importance of balancing technical knowledge with artistic vision.

🎞️ He discusses the evolution of digital filmmaking and the need to use the right tool for the job.

💡 The cinematographer reflects on the impact of light in creating emotional and authentic storytelling.

00:19:34 Cinematographer Greig Fraser discusses the challenges of navigating the Hollywood system and the importance of having agents with good taste. He also shares his excitement for working on The Batman.

Having a manager or agent is crucial for navigating the film industry.

Agents with good taste can help navigate through the Hollywood System.

The American film industry is much larger and more complex compared to Australia.

00:29:20 Ep. 238 - Greig Fraser: A cinematographer discusses the importance of ownership and making moral decisions in the film industry.

🎥 Ignorance in youth can be both dangerous and healthy, as it allows for pursuing what excites and interests you without knowing all the challenges.

💡 Making hard decisions in one's career often involves choosing the right path that aligns with personal values and moral dilemmas.

🎬 The film industry can be ruthless, disregarding the impact on individuals and their commitments, leading to difficult choices and loss of control.

💰 Having ownership and control over creative projects can lead to a stronger commitment and investment in the outcome.

🌟 Looking to the future, the speaker is interested in the potential evolution and possibilities of cinema, acknowledging the unpredictability of technological advancements.

Collaborating with a passionate director, the process involves open communication, shared vision, and a commitment to excellence.

00:39:08 Ep. 238 - Greig Fraser: A conversation about collaboration and the art of filmmaking with a focus on the importance of trust and instinct in working with different directors.

📷 The director and the speaker have a good working relationship and communicate straightforwardly.

🎂 The director and the speaker share the same birthday, which they discovered after working together.

🤝 The speaker discusses the importance of collaboration and understanding different directors' responses.

💡 The speaker emphasizes the significance of instinct and trust in the artistic process.

The speaker talks about the joy of capturing still photographs on set.

⚙️ The speaker highlights the monotony and challenges of working on film sets.

00:48:56 Ep. 238 - Greig Fraser: A cinematographer discusses his approach to filmmaking and the impact of certain films on his career.

🎥 The interviewee shares his experience working on set and his approach to filmmaking.

📸 The interviewee mentions the film 'Ratcatcher' as a source of inspiration for his stills photography.

🚗 The interviewee discusses shooting car scenes, particularly the iconic Batmobile in 'The Batman.'

00:58:44 In this episode, cinematographer Greig Fraser discusses his approach to the Batman film, as well as his experiences working with actors and his thoughts on directing. He also expresses his gratitude for his family and shares his admiration for director Gareth Edwards.

🎥 The speaker discusses their experience working on the Batman film and how they approached it differently from previous films.

🌆 They explain their use of urban photography references to create a dark, yet visually accessible atmosphere.

🎬 The speaker talks about their role as a cinematographer and the unique perspective it gives them while working with actors.

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