The Blue Planet: Unlocking the Secrets of Ocean Abundance

Explore the abundance of wildlife and food in the ocean, thanks to rough weather and nutrient-rich waters. Witness the essential role of phytoplankton and the importance of sunlight and heat.

00:00:04 In episode 1 of The Blue Planet, rough weather near the South Atlantic brings up nutrients, enriching the surface waters and creating abundant food for wildlife like black brown albatross.

🌊 Rough weather near the poles stirs the depths and enriches the surface waters, bringing up nutrients unpredictably.

🌍 The seas in the South Atlantic are the roughest on the planet due to the collision of the cold Falklands current from the south and the warm Brazil current from the north.

🐦 Black-browed albatrosses are feeding on krill that has been driven up to the surface, creating a feeding assembly on a large scale.

00:01:15 Discover the incredible albatross colony on a remote island in the Falklands and witness the abundance of food in the ocean.

🌊 The feeding grounds near the albatross breeding colony are a rare sight and show the fertility of the ocean.

🏝️ The remote island in the Falklands has the largest albatross colony in the world.

🐦 There are almost half a million albatross in the colony, demonstrating how much food the ocean provides for creatures that don't live in it.

00:02:27 The growth of microscopic floating plants known as phytoplankton is essential for the vast assemblies in the ocean, as they serve as the basis of all life. Sunlight and heat are also crucial for their growth.

🌞 The Sun's heat and light are essential for the growth of phytoplankton.

🌊 Phytoplankton forms the basis of all life in the ocean.

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