Perennialism in Education: Applying Classic Ideas to Modern Life

Perennialism: Teaching everlasting concepts for modern culture through analyzing historical examples

00:00:00 Perennialism is an educational philosophy focused on teaching ideas that have lasted over centuries. Students learn everlasting concepts to apply to real life.

📚 Perennialism is an educational philosophy that focuses on teaching ideas and concepts that have lasted over centuries.

🧠 The aim of education in perennialism is to ensure that all students understand the enduring ideas of Western civilization.

🎓 Perennialism emphasizes the development of students' critical thinking and application of everlasting ideas in real life.

00:01:06 Perennialism: Applying classical ideas to modern culture through reading, analyzing, and discussing examples from history's finest writers. Reflecting and applying learning to modern culture.

📚 Perennialism focuses on applying classical ideas to modern culture.

🎭 Practical teaching examples include works from history's finest writers like Shakespeare.

Perennialism uses historical texts when discussing time periods in history.

00:02:15 This video provides an overview of perennialism and offers practical teaching examples. The content is concise and avoids any mention of sponsorships or brand names or subscriptions.

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