The Importance of the Humanities in Tech

An unconventional approach to problem-solving highlights the value of adding artists, musicians, and writers to a tech team.

00:00:00 A company faced a programming challenge and risked losing a client, but a bartender friend suggested a solution that saved them from being fired.

💡 The speaker shares a personal story about a challenging client situation.

💭 The team lacks a specific programming skill to meet the client's needs.

🔑 The speaker suggests seeking help outside the team and finds a solution.

00:01:39 Why tech needs the humanities: An unconventional approach to problem-solving led to unexpected success in a tech company's hiring process, as they realized the value of adding artists, musicians, and writers to their team.

Jeff, a philosophy graduate, proved to be a genius despite not being a programmer.

💡 Jeff's ability to think deeply and challenge traditional approaches transformed our company.

🌟 We expanded our hiring criteria to include artists, musicians, and writers in addition to computer science and engineering specialists.

00:03:24 Why tech needs the humanities

⚡️ Tech companies can thrive by incorporating the humanities into their workforce.

📚 The focus on STEM education has led to a neglect of humanities disciplines.

💰 Significant funding has been allocated to STEM fields, while humanities suffer.

00:05:04 The idea that future workforce will be dominated by STEM fields is exaggerated. Technology today is intuitive and can be easily learned and manipulated without extensive formal education. Humanities should be valued equally as they provide essential skills.

7 out of 10 of the world's most valuable companies are in the tech industry.

There is an assumption that future workforce will be dominated by STEM disciplines.

Technology today is highly intuitive and can be manipulated without extensive coding knowledge.

00:06:43 The humanities teach us critical thinking and communication skills, essential for collaboration and innovation. They give meaning to our world and shape our thinking. They are as important as scientific disciplines.

💡 The ability to understand the final product and its benefits requires real-life experience, mental agility, and historical context.

🔑 Many technology companies struggle to communicate with their clients and clarify their needs.

🌍 Humanities and sciences are equally important and challenging, as they teach us what to build and why to build it.

00:08:23 The speaker emphasizes the need for a balance between the arts and sciences in technology. He encourages individuals to pursue any field they desire, as many future jobs in tech companies do not require STEM degrees.

💡 Tech companies need to integrate humanities expertise alongside STEM skills.

🌐 Encouraging individuals to pursue any field they desire will lead to a variety of job opportunities.

📚 Many tech companies prioritize hiring graduates with STEM backgrounds.

00:10:03 Diversity is crucial for the future workforce, not just in terms of gender or race, but in backgrounds and skills. Technology makes learning more accessible and empowers workers to pursue their interests.

⭐️ The future workforce needs diversity in backgrounds and skills.

🌟 Technology is becoming more accessible, allowing more people to study what they love.

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