Boosting Self-Confidence with Merry Riana | ASK MR

Boost self-confidence in public speaking and other areas by preparing, practicing, and learning from each experience. Join Merry Riana in ASK MR.

00:00:00 Learn how to boost self-confidence in various areas including public speaking. Prepare, practice, and learn from each experience to improve.

📚 Prepare yourself before any task, including public speaking.

🏋️ Practice regularly to improve your confidence.

🚀 Learn from failures and use them as a learning opportunity.

00:01:02 Learn how to boost your confidence with Merry Riana in this episode of ASK MR.

The video talks about how to increase self-confidence.

Summary of a video "CARA MENINGKATKAN RASA PERCAYA DIRI? | ASK MR | Merry Riana" by Merry Riana on YouTube.

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