The Federalist Alliance's Decision to Leave Conago

Alianza Federalista withdraws from Conago, questioning its effectiveness and fairness in resource allocation to states.

00:00:00 The Federal Alliance governors are preparing to leave the Conago, arguing that the organization is not fulfilling its function.

🔴 The governors of the Federalist Alliance are preparing to leave the CONAGO.

🔵 The Federalist Alliance believes that the CONAGO is not fulfilling its function.

🟢 They will announce their departure from the CONAGO through a virtual conference.

00:01:02 Alianza Federalista announces their withdrawal from the Conago, calling for a serious analysis of the governors' role in Mexico's destiny and the effectiveness of the Conago.

🔑 The video discusses the announcement of the Federalist Alliance's exit from the CONAGO.

🌍 The Federalist Alliance believes that the CONAGO has become authoritarian and is undermining democracy.

🗣️ They call on fellow governors to seriously analyze their role in shaping the country's destiny and evaluate the effectiveness of the CONAGO.

00:02:07 Alianza Federalista announces withdrawal from Conago due to ineffectiveness and unfairness of the federal pact.

🔑 Alianza Federalista announces its exit from Conago.

🤝 Conago no longer fulfills its function as a space for deliberation to defend federalism and state sovereignty.

🚫 The governors in the alliance believe that the federal pact is unfair and outdated.

00:03:11 Alianza Federalista announces departure from Conago and expresses concerns over resource allocation to states.

📢 The Alianza Federalista announces its departure from the Conago.

👥 Several state governors, representing different political parties, attended the meeting.

👋 The federal government's focus on its own projects is impacting state resources.

Summary of a video "Alianza Federalista anuncia salida de la Conago" by MILENIO on YouTube.

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