AI News Roundup: Updates, Releases, and Perspectives

This video provides a roundup of the latest AI news, including updates on AI music generation and AI art. It also discusses upcoming releases and features in the field. Elon Musk's concern for AI safety, open-sourcing AI models, and the prediction of AI reshaping the world are mentioned.

00:00:00 AI news: Twitter updates terms, Zoom rebrands AI companion, Falcon 180b launched as the largest open-source language model surpassing GPT 3.5.

📰 Twitter updated their terms of service to allow training data on AI.

🔍 Zoom introduced The Zoom AI companion, which utilizes past conversations to answer queries.

🤖 The open-source Falcon 180b was launched, becoming the largest publicly available language model.

00:03:53 This video discusses the latest AI news, including the release of a Pro Plan for the anthropic Claud and a canva plugin for chat GPT. OpenAI will also be hosting its first developer conference.

🤖 OpenAI has released a Pro Plan for their language model, similar to what chat GPT did.

💰 The Pro Plan costs $20 a month and provides five times more usage than the free tier.

🔑 Pro Plan subscribers get priority access during high traffic periods and early access to new features.

💻 The speaker personally finds the anthropic Claud more useful than chat GPT for tasks like article summarization and grammar checking.

🎨 OpenAI introduced a Canva plugin for chat GPT plus subscribers, allowing enhanced content creations with templates.

🌎 OpenAI will be hosting their first-ever developer conference to preview new tools and exchange ideas.

📝 The speaker mentions the sponsor, but their platform offers text generation, image generation, and text-to-speech with realistic voices.

00:07:45 A platform called Cohesive can do research, write content, generate images, and provide title ideas for YouTube videos. It can also generate audio and convert text into a blog post. Cohesive was mentioned as a sponsor of the video.

A platform that can generate a script, audio, and images for a YouTube video, blog post, or podcast.

AI-generated song mimicking Travis Scott and 21 Savage sparks interest in collaboration.

Sunno's chirp tool, which generates songs based on user ideas, is now available in Discord.

00:11:38 This video discusses AI news, including updates on AI music generation and AI art. It mentions a platform called Future Tools for finding new AI tools. Additionally, it mentions upcoming releases and features in the field of AI art.

🎵 Chat GPT can generate songs about Future tools being the best place to find new AI tools.

💰 Future tools offers a free and paid plan, with additional features available in the Pro Plan.

🎨 Version 5.3 of mid Journey will be released soon with new aesthetics, and there are plans for a native mobile app and upgrades to the AI model.

📝 A group of artists expressed support for generative AI in an open letter.

00:15:30 A group of artists defend the positive impact of AI in art, while Microsoft tests background removal in Paint. Apple invests heavily in AI development. Amazon introduces Amazon One, a palm scanning payment and identification tool. Elon Musk's struggle for the future of AI is detailed in Time Magazine.

🎨 AI is making art creation more accessible and diverse, challenging traditional limitations.

🖌️ Microsoft is testing background removal in Microsoft Paint, offering a convenient feature for artists.

🍎 Apple is investing heavily in AI, with a focus on language models and visual intelligence.

🌐 Amazon has developed a palm-scanning tool for identification and payments using generative AI.

🤖 Elon Musk's concerns about uncontrolled AI are explored in Time Magazine's article.

00:19:22 This week's AI news includes Elon Musk's concern for AI safety while colonizing Mars, Yan Laon's belief that open-sourcing AI models improves them faster, and Mustafa Sulliman's prediction of AI reshaping the world and eliminating white-collar jobs.

📚 Elon Musk is focused on making AI safe and getting humans to Mars.

💡 Yan Laon believes that open-source AI models can be improved faster and compares AI to cars.

🌍 Mustafa Sulliman predicts AI will reshape the world and eliminate white-collar jobs.

00:23:16 This video discusses various perspectives on AI and highlights influential individuals in the field. It also mentions a curated list of AI tools and thanks the sponsor for their support.

🤔 There are different perspectives on AI and its impact on labor and work.

🧠 Top experts in AI, such as Elon Musk and Mustafa Sulliman, provide valuable insights on the future of AI.

🌍 Time released their top 100 most influential people in AI, highlighting key figures in the field.

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