Creepy Encounters: Tales from the Restaurant

Three horrifying restaurant stories: uncomfortable encounters, Airbnb break-in, and escalating harassment.

00:00:00 Three terrifying stories from a restaurant. A solo traveler's experience in Rio De Janeiro with new friends.

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🌴 The narrator shares a personal story of traveling solo in Rio De Janeiro and meeting new people.

🏖️ They explore various attractions together, including the Christ Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain.

00:02:28 An English-speaking tourist visits a small and dark restaurant, where a man attempts to charm her by speaking to her in Portuguese. She feels uncomfortable and leaves quickly.

🍽️ I stopped at a small restaurant on my way back, where the menu had some English writing.

🗣️ A man seated nearby started a conversation with me in Portuguese, correcting my mistakes.

😳 The man made creepy comments about my speech in Portuguese, making me uncomfortable.

00:04:57 A person shares a horrifying experience of being followed and having their Airbnb broken into by a man from a nearby restaurant. They narrowly escape harm with the help of the police.

👀 The narrator noticed a man from a restaurant following them and became frightened.

🚪 Upon returning to their Airbnb, the narrator discovered an open window and suspected a break-in.

👮‍♂️ The police arrived and apprehended the man from the restaurant, avoiding a potentially dangerous situation.

00:07:25 A person shares their experience working at a creepy restaurant and encountering a creepy customer who follows them home at night.

🍽️ The narrator gets a job at a creepy restaurant to earn money during the holidays.

💰 While working, the narrator encounters a group of rough-looking customers who make them uncomfortable.

🏡 As the narrator leaves the restaurant, they are followed by one of the customers, causing fear and panic.

00:09:53 A waitress shares her horrific experience at a late-night diner, where she was confronted by a dangerous man but managed to escape.

🚶‍♀️ The narrator recounts a terrifying encounter with a man while walking home.

💪 The narrator manages to defend themselves against the attacker and escape.

🏢 The narrator quits their job at the restaurant due to the fear of encountering the attacker again.

00:12:21 A waitress recounts her encounters with a persistent customer who leaves his number on the bill, making her uncomfortable and fearful.

👥 The narrator, a restaurant server, describes a customer named Trevor who constantly flirts with her.

💰 Despite Trevor's behavior, he only leaves a small tip of five dollars.

😱 Trevor's actions escalate and become more creepy and threatening over time.

00:14:49 A waitress experiences escalating harassment from a customer who eventually becomes a stalker, leading her to quit her job and move to a new apartment.

📱 A waitress receives a text from a creepy customer who asks for her full name.

📸 The customer sends disturbing pictures of the waitress taken without her knowledge.

🚓 The waitress reports the incident to the police and moves to a new apartment for safety.

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