The Future of Certifications and ISO 9001

Webinar on the future of certifications and ISO 9001. Discussing technology adaptation, knowledge management, financial impact, climate change, and reputation.

00:00:00 Webinar discussing the future of certifications and the ISO 9001 standard. The speaker, recognized as a global expert in quality management, explains the history and relevance of the standard and highlights the need for adaptation to technological advancements.

📚 The ISO 9001 certification is a standard that outlines the requirements for a quality management system.

🔄 The ISO 9001 standard has undergone revisions over the years, with the latest one in 2015 that introduced a more process-based approach and a focus on risk management.

💡 The future of certification involves exploring new possibilities, such as leveraging technology and improving knowledge management within organizations.

00:12:10 Webinar - O Futuro das Certificações. Exploring the changing requirements and the importance of organized knowledge management in audits. Discussing the role of ISO 9001 as a solid foundation for sustainable development and value creation.

🔑 The future of certifications involves changing requirements and a focus on holistic knowledge management within organizations.

🌍 ISO 9001 provides a solid foundation for improving productivity, profitability, and sustainable development in companies.

🔎 ISO 9001 is not a norm for business excellence, but it can differentiate companies and serve as a starting point for good quality management practices.

00:24:21 A webinar discussing the impact of financial aspects on certifications and the importance of standardized performance evaluation and verification.

📚 The webinar discusses the financial impact on certifications and the role of stakeholders in affecting financial performance.

🌍 The video explores how environmental, social, and governance factors can affect investment and loan decisions.

💼 The speaker highlights the importance of certification and evaluation in providing market confidence and ensuring quality compliance.

00:36:33 The webinar discusses the integration of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in a unique system of management. It emphasizes the importance of understanding customer requirements and the need for a sustainable and efficient business. The speaker also mentions a new website for further information.

💡 The webinar discusses the importance of product safety and compliance with regulations.

📚 Certification is not mandatory, but demonstrating product compliance is required.

🌐 Integration of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 allows companies to create a unique management system based on their specific needs.

00:48:48 Webinar discussing the ISO's commitment to address climate change and the impact on business. Companies should analyze internal and external factors, meet stakeholder expectations, and adapt to climate change. ISO will include climate change requirements in all management system standards within 12 months.

🌍 ISO has committed to contribute to addressing climate change and reducing temperature increase.

📝 ISO is integrating climate change considerations into their management systems standards.

🌡️ Companies need to adapt to the changing climate and mitigate its impacts for sustainability.

01:01:00 Webinar discussing the future of certifications and their impact on social and cultural events. Focus on reducing carbon footprint and promoting individual and group behavior change towards sustainability. Mention of ISO 14001 certification gaining importance. Importance of client demand for certifications highlighted.

🌍 Events play a significant role in social impact and carbon neutrality.

💡 Individual and collective behavior change is crucial for reducing environmental impact.

🏢 Certifications like ISO 14001 can enhance trust and competence in organizations.

01:13:12 Webinar discussing the future of certifications and the importance of reputation in the market. Mention of ISO 9001 certification and the need to deliver high-quality products. Emphasis on the role of certifications in building trust and addressing environmental impact.

Certifications play a crucial role in building trust and ensuring the performance of certified companies.

ISO 9001 certification provides a level of confidence to large buyers, but its effectiveness is based on market expectations.

Certification goes beyond just a document system, emphasizing behavioral aspects and social and environmental responsibility.

Summary of a video "Webinar - O Futuro das Certificações" by Qualiex on YouTube.

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